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GeneralTouch at CeBIT2012

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GeneralTouch at CeBIT2012GENERALTOUCH participated in CeBIT2012 and exhibited its latest touch products. Many industry watchers and touch-related business leaders were impressed with our latest offerings.
The spotlight was on GeneralTouch’s latest innovation achievement, the zero bezel true flat SAW touch screen. GENERALTOUCH, after doing some in-depth research and exploring further the core technology of SAW touch, made a series of modification to the structure and design of the SAW touch screen. The transducers and data cable are placed on the posterior of the glass baseplate. The acoustic waves from the emitting transducer pass over the edge of the glass and brood over the anterior glass surface, and then proceed to pass over the opposite edge of the glass baseplate to the corresponding receiver transducer on the posterior. This technical feat brings about the fruition of the true flat touch screen. Further redesigning was done to the surface of the glass baseplate to enhance the aesthetics and scratch-resistance of our true flat touch screen. Consequently, we have a true flat SAW touch screen that is characterized by high reliability, superb performance, ease of integration and eye-catching ID design. Compared to projective capacitive, it is much more cost-effective. Evidently, great interest was shown towards the two 22-inch touch monitors with zero bezel true flat SAW touch screen in CeBIT2012. The drawing attractions were the elegant appearance and the reliable touch experience when the visitors played with it. This particular product has already gone through and passed the internal stringent tests and is prepped for mass production in time to be released into the market in the middle of 2012.

The other significant innovation that GeneralTouch exhibited in Cebit was the Hand Writing SAW touch screen.  The response was both tremendous and favorable at the show. It is already being mass produced and will begin deliveries for ODMs/OEMs. Years of deep research in SAW has generated much valuable insight on the dynamics of acoustic wave transmission on glass surface. Based on these insights, GeneralTouch has discovered a certain glass material which is especially conducive for acoustic wave transmission. This particular kind of glass surface carries the acoustic wave on its surface with minimal loss of signal and attenuation which results in higher signal fidelity on the receiving end. It also means touch screens made from this type of glass can register activation with a higher level of sensitivity and accuracy. Together with special treatment on its surface to produce a more even glass surface, prolonged sliding and dragging gestures on its surface do not produce any discomfort to the finger, regardless of the level of pressure exerted. GeneralTouch SAW Handwriting touch screens can be used in industries such as finance, transportation, entertainment, healthcare, industrial control, self-service kiosks, etc.  It is best suited for applications that require handwriting input, sliding and dragging gestures.

GeneralTouch has always relied on continuous innovation to stay ahead in touch technology and to delight its customers. In CeBIT2012, GeneralTouch also put on show its medical touch monitors for healthcare application and SAW Frame-Touch products. The initial range of medical touch monitors includes 4 desktop models of 15”, 17”, 19” and 22”. VESA mounting is optional. They are compliant with CE, FCC, UL60601-1 and UL60601-2, and can be applied in medical diagnosis, pharmacy, nurse station, bedside terminal, patient self-service kiosk, etc.<

Although the 5-day CeBIT has come to a close, GeneralTouch will continue on with its innovation to produce better and more cost-effective touch products. For more information about GeneralTouch innovative products and technologies, please visit or contact our sales.

Source: GeneralTouch

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