June 3, 2023


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Outdoor Digital Signage Directory Kiosk Installed in Heart of Downtown Buffalo, MN

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AlivePromo Outdoor Digital Signage Directory KioskPeople will have more reasons to walk in downtown Buffalo, MN starting this week – and they are celebrating the exciting addition to downtown sidewalks on June 4.

A new pedestrian amenity will be added to the heart of the downtown retail area just in time for Buffalo Days June 7-14. Downtown sidewalks will feature a state-of- the-art outdoor digital signage kiosk with changeable information panels controlled from City Hall. Walking connections to and from the kiosk corner at 1st Avenue and Division Street will be strengthened by the visual energy and information content featured by this new pedestrian amenity.

A public celebration of the Buffalo directory kiosk installation will be held June 4 at 4:30 pm at the corner of 1st Avenue and Division Street. Buffalo Mayor Fred Naaktgebronen and Buffalo Housing and Redevelopment Authority Chair Judie Rose will be speaking.

“The Housing and Redevelopment Authority of Buffalo continues to reinvest in the city’s infrastructure and the redevelopment of beautiful downtown Buffalo. The directory kiosk is yet another helpful addition for shoppers, downtown worker and visitors,” says Mayor Naatktgebronen.

The 7-foot tall, polished metal cabinet has two changeable, full-color LCD screens and two art panels that can be seen from a block away. Based on the guidance of consultant Peter Bruce of Pedestrian Studies, the Buffalo Housing and Redevelopment Authority contracted Minneapolis digital signage provider AlivePromo, Inc. for the kiosk design, content and fabrication as part of the downtown street scape improvement project which will be completed this summer.

After the celebration, as day turns into night, downtown visitors, diners, and shoppers can see the illuminated screens from a block away in four directions. Once at the corner, they can interact with a store directory, be guided to downtown destinations and check the daily weather forecast before they walk to Buffalo Lake nearby.

The kiosk screens will be operated from City Hall. Information such as store names and locations, public events and civic promotions will be updated immediately using AlivePromo’s patent-pending AlivePulse™ content management software. Shoppers and visitors will be informed visually about downtown business and parking locations, city events, and daily weather forecasts. Store locations will be keyed to a large map on the changeable screens.

Two sides of the 4-sided kiosk will have static, back-lit, colored panels showing natural, historical, retail and other subjects. These panels can be easily replaced and updated.

As the contractor for the project, AlivePromo spearheaded the production of the kiosk, including fixture design and fabrication, creative design and programming, and installation. AlivePromo created a colorful rendering of a Buffalo map, and visitors will notice the water of Buffalo Lake moving with animated effects. Weather and other information are also included to provide quick at-a-glance information as citizens go about their day.

“The City of Buffalo has done a great job of implementing a vision of renewed vitality within the downtown area. The digital kiosk helps anchor the effort with functionality and a bit of excitement”, explains Sam Rogers, CEO of AlivePromo, Inc. “After a while, and as more information is added, the kiosk will become a tool for those that work and play downtown.”

“Downtown Buffalo is already a very friendly place for pedestrian-oriented shopping, dining and entertainment”, according to consultant Peter Bruce of Pedestrian Studies. “The new Directory Kiosk will help attract and inform people about retail services and products within a short walk of the center of downtown as well as the citywide events.”

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