Wednesday, October 4, 2023

SmartAVI Unveils New HDTV Router

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SmartAVI HDTV RouterSmartAVI, a world-leading innovator in the fields of digital content creation, management and delivery solutions through hardware and software, today unveiled its new, economical HDTV Router for home and professional use.

The new SmartAVI HDTV Router is the first in a line of products specifically designed with the serious home theater user in mind. The router, which is capable of switching up to 8 input signals, with HD resolution support up to 1920 x 1200, is a compact, cost-effective A/V solution for home users and professionals alike.

“Our new HDTV Router is something all of us are very excited about,” said Albert Cohen, CEO of SmartAVI. “More common each day are serious home theater systems that, in concert with increasingly advanced gaming consoles, require industry-grade switching hardware so that end users have seamless integration of their components, whether it’s a Blu-ray player, stereo receiver, cable box or PlayStation®. The creation of our HDTV Router is the first step SmartAVI is taking into the home theater sector with our new HDControl line. In keeping with our company standards however, while the HDTV Router is geared and will be marketed specifically toward home system users, this unit is absolutely powerful enough to work perfectly for industry professionals as well, delivering the performance that our product is known for world-wide.”

HDTV Router provides a high-quality, cost-effective solution for the easy distribution of composite video, RGBS, UXGA, YUV, Y/C, CVBS, HDTV and stereo audio signals up to 1,699 feet over CAT5e/6/7 structured cabling.

The infrared and RS-232 feature gives you full control of both the matrix and all connected displays and devices.

Using the IR remote, the end user is able to seamlessly switch between components being used/viewed at the touch of a button between HDTV Router’s ports. In some cases, such as for cable television or satellite receivers, an additional remote may be required to change channels or stations.

The IR feature also allows end users the opportunity to program the system from a remote location as well – ensuring total content delivery control at all times.

At an impressive 1U size, SmartAVI’s HDTV Router has been designed to fit easily into your home theater system without becoming a bulky eyesore. In the case of HDTV Router’s physical size, less is definitely more.

While the HDTV Router is geared toward home theater usage, professional systems architects and integrators may also use the hardware in distribution of live data such as airline flight information, making existing digital signage more effective, or in corporate or educational environments making programming easy to manage and access.

SmartAVI has aggressively priced the HDTV Router as the best value in its marketplace after careful analysis of industry trends and competitor listings.

Consumers may purchase the new HDTV Router for $3,999.00 either directly from SmartAVI from the company’s website or through any of its distribution partners world-wide.

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About SmartAVI

SmartAVI is a privately-held, world-leading innovator in the fields of digital signage, video wall systems and a complete array of A/V extenders, switches and matrixes, based in Burbank, California. Companies that have embraced SmartAVI’s expertise include: NASA, Boeing, DreamWorks Studios, Johnson & Johnson, United States Army, Procter & Gamble Company, Adobe Systems Incorporated, Lockheed Martin, Monte Carlo Resort and Casino, and Miller Brewing Company.

Contact: Albert Cohen,CEO

2840 North Naomi Street
Burbank, California 91504
(818) 565-0011

Source: SmartAVI

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