Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Planned Parenthood Creates, Distributes Content Programming

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Ovation Interactive_logoPlanned Parenthood_logoOvation Interactive’s Digital Signage Provides The Solution
How can a non-profit health services provider inform and educate patients to influence their decision-making? How can skeptical audiences be reached so that trust may be built?

These are the questions Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa, headquartered in Des Moines, IA asked themselves when tackling their objective of reaching their target audiences in cost-efficient, demonstrably effective ways.

The answer? Content programming through digital signage.

PPGI partnered with Ovation Interactive to employ a comprehensive content marketing program using digital signage in the waiting rooms of their health centers. This solution was a perfect fit for the organization’s objectives, the patient profile, and the captive nature of the waiting room audience. Planned Parenthood’s leadership believes digital signage will provide a venue for comprehensive, reality-based sexuality education that gives patients and visitors the information they need to make responsible decisions.

The relationship began as a trial in spring 2009 with three units, and has led to plans for a full implementation by the end of June in all 17 health centers. Marketing Communications Director Marsha Dorhout has embraced the discipline of content marketing, using the digital signage channel as a platform for sharing original content planned and created by her and the PPGI staff. Using a quality HD digital video recorder, the group shoots, edits, and produces material of local interest including interviews and testimonials. Paired with other syndicated material, music videos, and special dramas, PPGI is well on its way to meeting its mission and organizational objectives,says Dorhout.

Source: Ovation Interactive

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