Sunday, October 1, 2023

Selenium Interactive, A Digital Signage Company Announces The Release Of The UPC (Universal Product Code) Digital Signage System

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Selenium Interactive today announced that it has released their latest enterprise application; The UPC (Universal Product Code) Digital Signage System.

The UPC Digital Signage System is an enterprise application for managing digital signage based on the UPC code system allowing corporations to leverage their existing data sources such as POS systems and inventory management systems.

The UPC Signage System allows Marketing departments to concentrate on content creation, making campaign deployment instant. Media is assigned to templates and then associated to a UPC code via a web browser. Store personnel can activate these advertisements by selecting a digital display through the web enabled PC Tablet and then simply scan the bar code of the product they are promoting.

“The UPC Signage System uses infrastructure that retail companies already have in place offering simple means to manage a digital signage network. Using existing POS and data sources your digital signage campaigns can be measured in real time, deployed faster, and with more frequency”, said Wayne Frisch, VP of Software Development.

About Selenium Interactive:

Selenium Interactive is a Canadian based company that provides digital signage software and hardware to the retail and corporate sectors internationally. Selenium Interactive’s COBALT MEDIA server allows companies to leverage their TCP/IP network to broadcast media throughout a companies infrastructure.

Media Contacts:

Barbara Doyle, Business Development bdoyle [at]

Source: Selenium Interactive

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