June 7, 2023


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ChyTV Scores a Home Run with Triple-A Baseball Networks and Sports Media TV

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Chyron Corporation_logoChyron is proud to announce the ongoing relationship with Sports Media has resulted in the deployment of ChyTV digital signage for Triple-A Baseball with SPORTS MEDIA TV.

SPORTS MEDIA TV is based on Chyron’s renowned ChyTV digital signage technologies and provides a powerful yet cost effective and flexible graphics and messaging solution. The next generation in digital signage, SPORTS MEDIA TV offers advertisers on-screen graphic, animation, audio and video, utilizing existing television screens in stadiums and arenas. Built into the technology is the ability to add services like live news feeds, sports scores, news and emergency alert systems.

Dan Kosth, Sports Media’s CEO, commented, “The ChyTV.net network enables us to manage Ad campaigns across large numbers of remote locations along with sophisticated proof-of-play reporting. In addition, through Chyron’s AXIS interface, local content such as upcoming events and such can be added for each particular team.” AXIS is a simple to use template based web interface for graphics creation that is able to target content to individual locations on the network.

Sports Media has successfully been rolling out their Media Ballpark TV Advertising Network, an offering of SPORTS MEDIA TV, following a partnership with Triple-A Baseball and has kicked off the inaugural season. The network allows for dynamic looped messaging across all existing closed-circuit televisions within a majority of the 30 Triple-A ballparks. The network will provide advertisers with exposure to nearly 10 million fans annually.

ChyTV.net is a web-based content management infrastructure that is flexible enough to enable integration of a variety of services. Says Chyron CEO Michael Wellesley-Wesley, “We’ve developed a solution that enables network operators such as Sports Media to manage widely distributed digital signage but also combine it with real-time data, regional content and sophisticated advertisement reporting.”

Sports Media is the preferred partner provider for ChyTV to sports stadiums and arenas. With Chyron’s ChyTV product line providing the infrastructure, software, and backbone technology, Sports Media has the opportunity to set up one of the largest private in-stadium sports TV networks in the world. Advertisers now have one place to go to get their message out to numerous stadiums and arenas across the country, allowing them to target loyal sports fans while they are enjoying the game.

The Triple-A Baseball network includes sports scores, news and data feeds provided by Data Call Technologies, Inc. Installation and management of the network is provided by ProTV2.


About Chyron

As the pioneer of Graphics as a Service for all digital video media Chyron continues to define and dominate the world of digital and broadcast graphics with Web, Mobile, HD, 3D, and newsroom integration solutions. Winner of numerous awards, including two Emmys, Chyron has proven itself as the undisputed leader in the industry with sophisticated graphics offerings that include Online, Chyron’s AXIS Graphics online content creation software, HD/SD switchable on-air graphics systems, clip servers, channel branding and telestration systems, graphics asset management and XMP integration solutions, the award-winning WAPSTR mobile phone newsgathering application as well as digital signage. For more information about Chyron products and services, please visit the company websites at www.chyron.com, www.chytv.com and www.axisgraphics.tv.

About Sports Media

Sports Media, Inc. offers media buying and planning services to ad agencies as well as independent advertisers, placing advertising in stadiums and arenas throughout the US. Sports Media is a full service provider of sports marketing services with a strategic focus on fast and accurate information. Sports Media’s creative new ideas show the industry how the products and services meet the current needs. Sports Media procures advertising and sponsorship more easily by putting a full staff of advertising executives to work for Venues and Advertisers in the USA and bringing new customers and revenue to both. For more information about Sports Media products and services, please visit the company website at www.sportsmedia.net and www.sportsmedia.tv.

About Triple-A Baseball

Triple-A Baseball consists of two Leagues at Minor League Baseball’s highest classification, the International League and the Pacific Coast League. These leagues are made up of 30 teams throughout America which develop talent for Major League Baseball affiliates while providing affordable entertainment for fans of all ages. From Sacramento to Charlotte, Triple-A Baseball is played in cities with cumulative MSAs of nearly 40 million people. Attendance in Triple-A ballparks has risen from 9.5 million in 1990 to over 14.4 million in 2008!

The International League, which celebrated its 125th consecutive season of operation in 2008, spans from Pawtucket to the east, Indianapolis to the west, and Gwinnett (Georgia) to the south. The 2008 campaign marked the 105th season of operation for the Pacific Coast League. The PCL has an expansive geography, stretching primarily west of the Mississippi River to include cities from Nashville to Sacramento and New Orleans to Tacoma.

Source: Chyron