June 7, 2023


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MxN Middle East FZ-LLC completes the installation of a State of the Art Queue Management and Digital Signage System for AMLAK Finance PJSC

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MXN Middle East_logoAmlak_logoMxN Middle East today announced the completion of the last phase of installation on a state of the art Queue Management and Digital Signage System for AMLAK Finance PJSC in its Dubai and Abu Dhabi Sales Offices.  This solution allows for a fully managed Digital Signage Network that includes product announcements, advertisements as well as a Queue System all in one screen. MxN was appointed to provide a total solution including hardware, software, installation, content Development as well as the Management of the network.

‘We take great pride in the rollout of our Digital Signage and Queue Management System.  It allows us to provide up-to-date, relevant communications and advertising that makes an impact while our customers are waiting for their turn to be served.  We believe that this is the best solution rolled out in the Region and positions us as a leading finance house in the use of technology for advertising and communication purposes’, said Adnan Edris Alawadhi, Executive Vice President Retail for AMLAK Finance PJSC.

The newly installed Queue Management and Digital signage network comprises multiple screens in each branch.  There is also a state of the art touch screen for the dispensing of Queue Tokens.  Once a customer has been served there is a small touch screen(at the counter) that allows the customer to do a satisfaction survey which is tied to the token.  This allows for a linking between the customer satisfaction survey and the Queueing Data for proper assessment  of the customer experience.  The aim is to not only manage the Queue but to give information about the customers wait and their overall experience.

‘At MxN we take great pleasure with the completion of this installation.  We made a commitment to install a quality network.  We achieved this by delivering AMLAK with a state of the art solution.  Everyone in both organizations should be proud of their respective and collective achievements on this project.  We truly believe that in all areas such as; hardware, software, installation, content, ongoing support and management that this network is the best in the Region’ says Raad Raad, Managing Director of MxN.

‘Prior to the launch of the Digital Signage Network there was really no solution for the speedy and high quality deployment of ads in AMLAK Sales offices and no way to manage the Queue or measure satisfaction of our customers’ says Alawadhi.
The resulting solution provides AMLAK with a high-impact Digital Signage Network capable of upload, scheduling and management of media content via the Internet.

‘MxN has demonstrated a great degree of flexibility and professionalism in the work they have done to help us launch this network.  They have demonstrated a clear understanding of what our customers and AMLAK are looking for.  They provided us with all the launch content are responsible for the management of the network including uploading of content and trouble shooting.  This insures AMLAK can concentrate on its core business and not have to worry about the management of the network or the content on the screens’, continued Alawadhi.

Preliminary research indicates that the ‘out of home’ media industry in the Middle East is growing at a very fast rate. The signage sector is constantly looking for innovative cost effective solutions that will produce great results.   The rollout of the AMLAK Network helps to catapult MxN ahead of the rest of their competitors as the premier Digital Signage Integrators in the Middle East.

‘Recently in the Middle East, there has been a marked increase in the number of retailers launching Digital Signage networks or Queueing Systems.  We have taken the integration of both systems to a level none of our competitors can match.  In-store media has a significant influence as approximately 70% of all buying decisions are made in-store. Digital messages get noticed more than traditional media.’ says Raad.

About MxN

MxN provides technology, consultation and content services to clients and customers throughout the Middle East, Europe and Asia.  MxN has its corporate headquarters in Dubai’s prestigious Dubai Media City. MxN focuses on providing innovative, robust and flexible technologies that fuel the digital communications industry. MxN delivers solutions giving its partners and clients the ability to effectively communicate with their targeted audiences providing customizable digital marketing tools that include first of its kind features, such as multi-zone video and multi-channel audio playback.

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Established in 2000, Amlak Finance PJSC has transformed into a public entity in 2004 and is currently the largest real estate financier in the Middle East by total assets. Amlak Finance is the first specialised home finance provider in the UAE and continues to be a leader in the industry with operations in UAE, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

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