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Altierre is World’s First Company To Achieve Five- Year Battery Life On LCD Dot Matrix Display Tags

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Altierre Corp_logoNew Benchmark Certified By Independent Compliance Company; Altierre Also Announces 10-Year Life for Non-Display Applications, Broadening the Company’s Market Opportunity Beyond Retail

Altierre Corp., a provider of wireless dynamic pricing solutions for retailers, today announced it has achieved a battery life of five years for its electronic shelf labels (ESLs), becoming the first company globally to set this new benchmark for LCD dot matrix displays.  Independent certification recently completed by Compliance Certifications Services (, a leading certification company that tests, measures and certifies scientific and technology products worldwide, verified the five-year battery endurance for Altierre’s ESLs.

“Altierre has combined efficient network protocols, ultra-low power RF, and ground-breaking LCD driving technology to achieve unprecedented battery life performance,” said Dr. Ken Cioffi, VP of RF and Analog Design for Altierre. “While others have resorted to using exotic display technologies — which are expensive and not mass manufacturable — in an attempt to achieve this milestone, Altierre has accomplished it with conventional low-cost, mass produced, LCD dot matrix displays.  Altierre is also the first to demonstrate a complete five-year battery-life solution with dot matrix displays including operation at freezer temperatures of -20 centigrade,” said Dr. Cioffi.

Altierre is able to deploy its technology chain-wide at a per unit price point that is far below what others have ever been able to offer, making the rollout of hundreds of thousands of ESLs affordable to large chain retailers for the first time.

“We are gratified that our technology has been independently verified, and extremely proud of our team for achieving a milestone that was considered unattainable by many technology experts,” said Anurag Goel, CTO of Altierre.  “The Altierre system has been designed and built from the ground up, component by component, to allow easy induction of new components, technologies and applications into the system.  In addition to the five-year certification, our proprietary chip technologies — coupled with the Altierre RF protocol and Altierre Access Points — now allow Altierre’s technology to achieve as much as 10-year battery life in non-display RF(ID) applications beyond the retail vertical.  Altierre’s long range RF Network, highly scalable server and mobile-devices infrastructure and active tags go far beyond RFID to power innovative applications such as asset management within the store and in the supply chain.  Our system also enables EAS applications that can be combined with inventory tracking and location-based dynamic pricing for higher ROI, sensor network applications such as temperature and humidity monitoring that can be scaled rapidly and economically,” concluded Goel.

Altierre’s ESL system efficiently delivers real-time, chain-wide dynamic pricing, improves price accuracy, sharply reduces costs and paper waste, and enables targeted communications with customers and employees.  This eco-friendly solution creates a paperless retail environment, saving literally tons of paper currently used in paper price tags and displays.   In addition to long-lived battery-powered digital signage solutions for retail, the 10-year lifespan of Altierre’s technologies make the solutions relevant to other vertical markets such as automotive, defense and manufacturing.

About Altierre Corp.
Altierre Corp., a leading provider of wireless dynamic pricing solutions for retailers, provides single-platform hardware, software and other IT solutions that enable chain-wide dynamic pricing, improve price accuracy, sharply reduce costs and paper waste, and improve communication with consumers from the onset of the shopping experience to the point-of-purchase. Altierre is a winner of the Red Herring 100 Award, a selection of the 100 private companies based in North America that play a leading role in innovation and technology.  Incorporated in 2003, Altierre is headquartered in San Jose, Calif.  For more information, please visit

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