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Clear Channel Outdoor_logoImages from filmmaker Liz Goldwyn’s UNDERWATER BALLET to premiere on Clear Channel Digital billboards throughout Los Angeles area as well as on Spectacolor display in Times Square, NY!

A unique collaboration between Liz Goldwyn’s “Underwater Ballet” and Clear Channel Outdoor will launch Friday April 24th, 2009 on 86 digital billboards across the metropolitan Los Angeles area for a month long period. Each large LED billboard will display a series of still images from Underwater Ballet during the course of its usual advertisement rotation. A URL address on each billboard will direct viewers to Goldwyn’s website where the full, 6 minute film will be available to view.

In addition, from May 1 – May 6th, Underwater Ballet will run in its entirety on Spectacolor HD, Clear Channel Spectacolor’s hi-definition display in New York City’s Times Square. The film will air twice per hour commencing at 12:00 noon on Friday, May 1st and until 12:00 midnight on Wednesday, May 6th. The film will show at 10 minutes past every hour and again at 40 minutes past the hour. Audio from the film will be listenable via mobile phone.

This is the first time a collaboration of this type has happened for both entities. Clear Channel Outdoor’s donation of billboard space is helping create a new paradigm for public art in urban areas. Billboard project producer Aaron Rose (Beautiful Losers) hopes the goal of this venture will be to, “Enrich the cultural landscape of these major cities through the use of visual public art on billboards.”

Underwater Ballet is a new short film, directed by Liz Goldwyn.

Synopsis: “A lone woman in an underwater universe dances to a strange and haunting tune. Obsessed, possessed by the music, she glides throughout her galaxy. A million burnt-out stars float endlessly in the atmosphere. She is of the sea and the earth and the heavens at once, finally at peace in her resting place.”

The film was shot with a Phantom Camera, which captures action at 1000 frames per second. (Normal frame rate is 24 frames per second.) In post-production, the director experimented with the frame rate once again, “dropping” frames in order to speed up or slow down the action, so that the dancer appears at moments to be barely moving, one tendril of hair slowing drifting in the atmosphere; while the next second, she flutters like a butterfly. Underwater Ballet represents the first film to experiment with this technique.

About Liz Goldwyn (filmmaker): Liz Goldwyn is a Los Angeles based filmmaker. Liz’s first film, Pretty Things, a documentary showcasing 20th century burlesque queens premiered on HBO in 2005 and the CBC in 2006. Her book on the subject, Pretty Things: The Last Generation of American Burlesque Queens was published by Harper Collins in 2006. In addition, she has worked as consultant and curator for Sotheby’s fashion departments as well as a global consultant for the cosmetics company Shiseido. Liz was named New York Editor of French Vogue, for 2001-2002 in addition to writing for various other fashion/culture publications.

About Aaron Rose (project producer): Aaron Rose is an artist, writer, musician, film director and independent curator currently living in Los Angeles. For the last five years, he has chosen artists for the Undefeated Billboard Project, a public art project in Los Angeles produced in conjunction with Nike. He continues to organize art and artist related projects for a variety of clients around the world.

About Clear Channel Outdoor:

Clear Channel Outdoor (NYSE:CCO) is the world’s largest outdoor advertising company with close to one million displays in over 50 countries across 5 continents.  In the United States, the company operates just under 200,000 advertising displays and has a presence in 49 of the top 50 Designated Market Areas. It also operates airport, rail, taxi and mall advertising businesses worldwide. Its Spectacolor (U.S.) and DEFI (international) divisions are the global market leaders in spectacular sign displays, including in New York’s Times Square.  Clear Channel Adshel is the company’s international street furniture division, which operates over 3,500 municipal advertising contracts worldwide. Clear Channel Outdoor also operates digital displays and networks in most of its divisions.  More information may be found by visiting

For press inquiries about the Underwater Ballet billboard project contact: Heidi.Slan [at] 42West.Net

For Information about the film Underwater Ballet visit

Public Relations for Clear Channel Outdoor:  tonyalwin [at]

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