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CAYIN Technology Drives Deeper into European and Asian Digital Signage Markets

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CAYIN will showcase advanced digital signage solutions in Digital Signage Expo, Essen, and CAYIN’s Digital Signage Workshop in Taiwan

CAYIN Technology, the professional supplier of digital signage solutions, will soon showcase a series of new products in a row from May 5th to 8th in Digital Signage Expo 2009 held in Germany and CAYIN Digital Signage Workshop in Taiwan. The main highlights during Digital Signage Expo are CAYIN’s new powerful digital signage player, SMP-WEBDUO, SMP-PROPLUS and advanced management software, SuperMonitor 2. Furthermore, the powerful functions and flexibility of these products in various DOOH applications will be the main idea throughout these two events.

SMP-WEBDUO, the most up to date and powerful digital signage player in SMP-WEB series, distinguishes itself with the capability of displaying Full HD video and controlling two screens simultaneously both in portrait and landscape screens.

In the case of digital menu board application, SMP-WEBDUO enables users to rotate breakfast and regular menus based on pre-set schedule. Price list and dynamic promotions can be presented on two screens respectively. In addition, eye-catching advertisements extended to two screens can create stunning and attractive visual effects.

CAYIN’s web-based media player supports most popular web language and can integrate easily with customers’ existing network facilities, including web server, database, storage, backup, and load balance. The player can also extend to integrate with CAYIN xPost, the value-added software designed for different vertical markets.

SMP-PROPLUS, the latest version of zone-type media player, can present up to seven areas for two stored/live videos, two image slide shows, a ticker, a clock, and a theme background. Through a handy tool invented by CAYIN, Skin Editor, users can create each zone with an instant upon preferences.

SuperMonitor 2 possesses essential features which allow administrators to monitor the most current status of multiple digital signage networks. In addition, users can manage and upgrade large scale of players through batch update which greatly saves cost and time.

To facilitate local markets and to provide an in-depth view of its new products to users, CAYIN will host a digital signage workshop on May 8th in Taiwan for the first time. In addition to five lectures with the most popular topics of digital signage, live demonstrations focusing on great flexibility and high integration capabilities of CAYIN’s products will be the key show. In the workshop, CAYIN invites seven partners specialized in their own fields in Taiwan, including display manufactures, content providers, and system integrators to share their hands-on experiences. Also, CAYIN and its partners will demonstrate how CAYIN’s products can flexibly integrate with database, environment monitoring, touch screens, and other commercial screens.

Welcome to visit CAYIN at Digital Signage Expo 2009, Booth 11A.15.

If you are interested in the CAYIN’s Digital Signage Workshop in Taiwan, please contact our media contact listed below.

About CAYIN Technology

Cayin technology offers complete digital signage solutions, including media players, servers, and software for various commercial applications, such as digital bulletin board in schools, digital menu board in restaurants, promotion channels in retail, flight schedule in airports, and public information display system in hotels, corporate, convention centers, and governments. CAYIN is committed to being a reliable partner to its clients worldwide, and has successfully set up various application references internationally. In order to best facilitate the deployment of CAYIN products, the Company also provides tailored services to satisfy the ascending market demand for almost limitless applications.

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