Thursday, April 18, 2024

NEXCOM Launches Digital Signage Appliance with Preloaded User-Friendly Software — Plug In and Ready to GO

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Nexcom PDS1101NEXCOM is pleased to announce PDS 1101, a RISC based digital signage player designed to address a broad spectrum of digital signage applications with low power consumption, preloaded user-friendly software and fanless yet compact design.

Unlike X86 based solutions, PDS 1101 is a RISC based digital signage player which features significantly lower power consumption of only 12W. PDS 1101 features low power consumption and simultaneously offers users great convenience with preloaded software, PowerDigis. Simply plug in and it is ready to be used. Moreover, users have excellent flexibility to design screen layouts via a simple drag and drop method.

With maintenance-free fanless design, PDS 1101 offers exceptional reliability. In addition, PDS 1101 is enclosed in a slim and compact chassis, which can be easily mounted on display devices, such as LCD TV within entertainment venues, hotels, and public transportation to deliver dynamic messages and advertising.

Main Features
ARM based application processor
Fanless design
Seamless hardware and software integration for operation reliability
1 x VGA, 1 x HDMI output
1 x 720p video support
Very cost effective

Source: Nexcom

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