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ONELAN’s New Integration Services

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ONELAN has set up a new department to cater for increasing customer demand for integration services and solutions.

The department will handle all aspects of integration of ONELAN products with third party systems and products. To date several successful 3rd party integrations have been rolled out including Assumption Grammar school, NHS Bristol, and Highbury College.

The Integration Services department will be headed up by Andy Cordwell. With over 20 years’ experience delivering software solutions Andy also has unrivalled knowledge of ONELAN’s products having previously been involved in all aspects of ONELAN’s product development.

ONELAN develops network appliances for standalone and end-to-end Digital Signage network solutions. The Net-Top-Box is a mul¬timedia, multi-zoned solution capable of Touch Interactivity. With a browser based user inter¬face, the system is fully multi-lingual and capable of dis¬playing both stored media and live media e.g RSS feeds, web pages and broadcast TV or locally streamed video. Further mem¬bers of the product family cater for Enterprise network management and integration with external data sources.

ONELAN’s NTBs are now installed in a wide variety of organisations such as retail, schools, hospitals, and government buildings, as well as some well-known corporates such as Vodafone, Virgin Holidays and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

ONELAN Ltd is based in Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire.

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Source: ONELAN

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