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Airport Digital Signage Touch Screen Directories Installed at MSP by AlivePromo

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MSP International Airport Kiosk MSP International Airport Kiosk_2Airport digital signage touch screen directories were installed at the MSP International airport this week by AlivePromo.  Dubbed as a Digital Concierge for travelers, the touch screen directories feature two four-sided kiosks with 55″ LCD screens located at the ends of the MSP airport mall in Terminal 1-Lindbergh.

“This is a significant, high traffic project with lots of bells and whistles,” says Sam Rogers, CEO of AlivePromo.  “Travelers can look up retail and services, and get line drawn wayfinding and walk times to each location, to name a few, while having a fun and engaging experience.”

Other features on the airport digital signage directories include:

– Flight information
– Hotel and ground transportation options
– Menus for MSP’s full-service restaurants
– Airport news, deals and events
– Weather forecast information
– Airline information for scheduling or rebooking a flight
– Airport-wide search capability

Touch screen foil procurement and installation, creative design, and programming services were provided by AlivePromo from its Minneapolis headquarters.  All information on the kiosk can be updated online using AlivePromo’s AlivePulse Directory Management software.

Source: AlivePromo

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