Sunday, December 10, 2023

EnQii Launches Menuboarding Software

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EnGage Menu provides high quality menu software for food service companies

EnQii, a leading global digital signage company, today announced that it was launching EnGage Menu – state of the art menuboard software for use within digital signage networks of food service companies.

“Creating excellent digital menus in an easy to use fashion has been a challenge for many food companies”, said Stuart Armstrong, EnQii’s North American President. “Our menu software allows users to create static and animated digital menus and messages extremely easily based on dozens of pre-created or custom templates and can be used by QSR, fast-casual and food service companies alike. This can allow restaurants to change their menus seamlessly for different meal-parts or on weekends. The system can also integrate pricing data automatically from point of sale terminals to ensure that the price on the display matches the price at the register across all the customer’s stores.”

EnGage Menu enables users to quickly and easily create high quality menus, combo boards and price listings. The template driven menu system allows users to create menu items with multiple images and videos and to reuse the items in multiple menu styles. EnGage Menu also has simple to use, yet powerful scheduling tools enabling users to day part their menus or even have special menus for special days. The system also contains a full feature web services API for integration with pricing databases and point of sale terminals.

The EnGage suite of products consists of the EnGage content management and networking platform, EnGage Menu (menuboarding software),

EnGage Creator (message creation software), EnGage Music (integrated in-store music software) and EnGage Content Apps (online content store).

This suite has been tailored for three key market segments – digital merchandising for retailers and financial services, campaign management for advertising networks and merchandising for food service companies.

About EnQii

EnQii is a global leader in the digital signage and out-of-home

media market with offices in New York, Toronto, London, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Melbourne. As one of the world’ s truly global digital out-of-home companies, EnQii currently services thousands of locations across more than 14 countries. EnQii couples a deep understanding of customer behaviour with its powerful media technologies to provide clients with fully managed solutions that enables them to advance their overall customer communication strategy for many years to come. EnQii won the DIGI Award for outstanding technology in the healthcare category for the WHEN Network. Investors in the company include Amadeus Capital Partners, Wellington Partners and Ithmaar Bank. EnQii has recently been voted as the number one global digital signage provider for the third year in a row by and a Tier One player by Frost & Sullivan.

Media Contact

Stuart Armstrong, EnQii North America, 212-741-8575
stuart.armstrong [at]

Source: EnQii

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