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3D-Displays For Digital Signage

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Data Display 3D TechnologyData Display Starts Mass Production of Industrial, Digital Display Systems in 3D Technology

Data Display Group – cutting-edge vendor of TFT-flat panel displays and system solutions for industrial, medical, and multimedia applications – provides the first industrial monitors with 3D technology. “Being a trendsetter in this new technology field, we are proud to reach serial production with our 3D monitors,” reported Werner Schubert, General Manager of Data Display GmbH. “As public displays, our professional deployable monitors invite for an eventful viewing of an excellent 3D effect without any goggles. With it, Data Display Group realizes the current trend of the consumer industry in industrial applications, in which almost all product information contains a note on 3D readiness.” The new 3D monitors have reached mass production in 40 and 46 inches, and for the first time are available as 3D assembly monitors for integration into walls or shop fittings. Production will start immediately for the 46 inch version; the smaller 40 inch model will follow within the next few weeks.

3D Complete Solution In Highest Quality

The 3D systems differ from normal displays only with the addition of a barrier filter attached by an optical measurement system with extremely high accuracy, through which single well-defined image pixels are masked. The eyes therefore perceive different pictures, which in turn generates the 3D effect in the brain. The 3D monitor series was realized by a joint development with 3D Impact Media, a Swiss vendor of multimedia solutions. The user advantage is that all hard- and software components originate from one design team and have been exactly aligned to an optimum, from the algorithms for the realization of the 3D filters, via the player, to the TFT panel and system know-how. In the field of goggle-free 3D monitors, Data Display Group sets the standard with respect to uncompromising quality in three dimensional presentations.

In addition to the complete 3D solution, Data Display Group also provides individual components and solutions, such as the transformation of existing monitors into 3D monitors by developing corresponding filters or by supplying an appropriate 3D media player. Data Display Group also offers a competent solution for the production of 3D content from 2D films or still images. The partner for the 3D technology again is 3D Impact Media, one of the most innovative producers of 3D software for the conversion of 2D content to 3D content.

Like all the company’s products, the 3D monitors, including the Full-HD DID Samsung panels, are based exclusively on industrial components. They are available as 40 and 46 inch Brilan 3D IQ with an integrated 3D player. Common to these devices, all components are integrated into the slim body of the Brilan design. For the implementation of 40 and 46 inch Brilan 3D video with VGA/DVI/HDMI input, an extremely powerful PC or Laptop is needed as an external player.

About Data Display Group

The Data Display Group is a worldwide operating specialist for TFT flat screen and -system solutions for industrial, medical as well as multimedia and digital signage applications. Data Display Group supply innovative Green IT solutions based on their hardware platforms and their own software to control the TFTs of the partners Samsung, Chimei Innolux, Optrex and as well as selected panels from other manufacturers. These system solutions – from assemblies and kits up to finished OEM products – are developed in their own R&D centres in Germering (Germany), Istanbul (Turkey) and Ronkonkoma (NY/USA). More information can be found on the homepage:

3D Products of the Data Display Group are available in:
Europe: Data Display Solution, Eisenach,
United Kingdom: Display Technology, Rochester,
Turkey and Near East: Display Technology Istanbul,
North America: Apollo, Ronkonkoma NY,

Data Display GmbH
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