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Butlins invests in digital signage to keep guests updated

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John Dunning of Bourne Leisure with Louise Richley from Beyond Digital Systems
John Dunning of Bourne Leisure with Louise Richley from Beyond Digital Systems

UK holiday company, Butlins, has invested in the latest digital technology offered by specialist technology provider Beyond Digital Systems, reporting a 22 per cent increase in sales since the installation.

Using bespoke designed Beyond Digital Systems’ screens, Butlins is to use the digital signage to keep their guests updated on current on-resort promotions.

More than 25 integrated screens have now been installed at the Finnigan’s Fish & Chip restaurants and the holiday booking shops across the Butlins resorts, which attract over 1.3 million guests a year at Bognor Regis, Minehead and Skegness.

John Dunning of Bourne Leisure, which owns Butlins, said: “The screens have allowed us to improve our digital marketing strategy and increase brand awareness of the products we offer significantly, by promoting several products at the same time.

“One of the most successful campaigns we have launched following the installation of the Beyond Digital screens involved the VK brand. Since they have gone live, we have recorded a 22 per cent up lift in sales which is fantastic, and this is solely down to the new form of digital advertising.

“We have found the instant updates we can perform remotely on the screens of massive benefit to our guests as we can respond immediately to their purchasing requirements at any given point in time. . Previously it would have taken up to three weeks for the out-dated cardboard advertising to be delivered and installed on site, now it takes a matter of moments with the click of a button.”

Source: Beyond Digital Systems

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