June 7, 2023


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X-Desk Tabletop interactivity introduced by Impressx and Engage

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X-Desk interactive tabletop_1 X-Desk interactive tabletop_2The Gadget Show Live! has seen what the is the developers claim is the debut of the world’s first commercially available multi-touch screen, interactive tabletop, called the X-Desk. The system has been develpoed by Impressx and Engage and is powered by Epson’s 3LCD projectors.

The X-Desk allows user to physically interact with their digital content such as photos, videos, documents, maps and information.  It can recognise physical objects such as mobile phones and MP3 players when they are placed on the surface (objects need to have Smart Tags applied).
The X-Desk allows people to move items back and forth and reduce or enlarge object sizes by using their fingers. With X-Desk, the 52in interactive display is being aimed at businesses and consumers.

In the corporate world the X-Desk can be utilised for creating engaging user experiences in salesrooms and shop premises or hotels and conference centres. It can be used to create an interactive point of sale, using its ability to detect physical objects people could place two objects side by side for comparison and the X-Desk will read and display the relevant data. In museums or hotels it could be used as a navigation device; in restaurants it could even offer an interactive menu.

Daniel Barthels, director, Impressx ‘We have developed the X-Desk to give businesses the opportunity to create truly compelling customer experiences. We’re proud to be the first to bring this to the commercial market in the UK. We want to help create effective, interactive relationships between brands and customers’

Caroline Kay, sales and marketing manager from Engage ‘Application options are virtually unlimited with X-Desk our team play a vital role in bringing clients brands to life by exploiting our specialist technical know-how, creative ability and marketing insight. Ensuring a unique experience for each and every customer, whether that be a specially created branded environment or developing a new  game, we’re excited about the opportunities this product brings.’

Source: Impressx