Saturday, April 13, 2024

3D Digital Signage Creates Touchpanels In Air

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Holo40D 3D projection displayRecently showcased at Tokyo Pack 2010, the DNP and ZeroUnit’s series of AirZero digital signage units make use of 3D projection to create displays that float in the air.

The viewer does not need to wear any special glasses, nor do their eyes get tired after watching the footage for a long time. Further, even in brightly lit locations the 3D display is still very visible and the footage itself does not require special editing to be projected. The Holo screens are 40-inches and 17-inches, projecting 3D imagery 90cm (35.4 inches) and 30cm (11.8 inches) respectively.

Also in development are the AERAS units, which allow you to touch and manipulate 3D and augmented reality footage floating in front of you, as if they were a regular touchpanel. These have already been installed at a museum in Japan since summer 2010.

The hype over 3D is currently at a peak, leading to a plethora of phones, TVs and other consumer electronics that feature the technology. However, actually practical signage incorporating 3D is still lacking and this new series allows interactivity so that the content is not merely an expensive mini advertisement. The uses include actual menus and information screens, as if it were a regular touchscreen display.

Source: ZeroUnit

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