March 27, 2023

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ClariView Limited seeing this has come with a concept for Hotels, to save on time and cost. The concept of the digital concierge was born and therefore ClariView wanted to adapt a digital signage display with the latest technology to meet its needs

At a time of recession companies feel it is important to cut budgets, as is the norm, anything the government do companies will adopt. Seeing this, companies have held meetings to cut costs and generate revenue. More so they may be evident in the hospitality market where it has been hit hard by the height of recession.

ClariView Limited seeing this has come with a concept for Hotels, to save on time and cost. The concept of the digital concierge was born and therefore ClariView wanted to adapt a digital signage display with the latest of technology to fulfil this concept as no other company was stepping forward.

ClariView limited has launched a 42 interactive digital poster; the features in this display are perfect to fulfil the role of a digital concierge.

What is a digital concierge?

Well a concierge in a hotel acts like a Local Friend he tells you about the local area, the best place to eat, where to hire a car, where to buy a bunch of flowers for the wife! , But many hotels may not have the budget to hire a digital concierge. So to counteract this problem the hotel may utilise a digital concierge either as a addition to a human concierge or to take advantage of this technology until the Hotel feels they have a budget to hire a concierge.

The benefits of a digital concierge are:
Operate 24 hours no lunch breaks.
Allow users to gain information fast.
Allow guests to gain information as they please.
Give them internet access for local information.
Display Breakfast, lunch and Dinner times (on split screen).
Play srolling text message and warnings.
Play breakfast, lunch and dinner menus automatically.
Even allow guests to Check In / Check out.

Ideally this would be catered towards hotels who offer a no frills approach to hotels. Hotels which want to give the best value for money, where business travellers want to go after a long day of business meetings and just check in without any hassle and have a good nights sleep.

Seeing these benefits ClariView launched a interactive digital poster. With its impressive looks standing at almost 6ft tall, being taken notice of is the first point of eye contact with any user. With impressive features such as:

Built in computer to deliver a solution more powerful than any other digital signage products in the market right now.

No need for complex digital signage network players that hotels would know nothing of and any technical support would have to be given by the company at extra costs. Computers have been around us for a long time what better way to supply a solution than have a built in computer to create a simple and easy to use digital signage solution.

Interactive touch screen display
Added bonus of a plug and play digital signage player. Where content can be added just by inserting a USB filled with content upon which the display uploads the content to the integrated memory.

Seeing these benefits we at ClariView Limited dont see what objection a hotel would have of adopting such technology.

ClariView limited provide a whole range of interactive display with built in computers both in digital posters and wall mounted.

ClariView also now provide small size interactive information kiosks suitable for reception areas, hotels, banks as a more discreet solution.

ClariView Limited is happy to assist you in your interactive information display and digital signage requirements. With expert knowledge in designing a complete hardware solution in any design and size. ClariView Limited is not one to be ignored in this age of Digital Signage.

About ClariView

ClariView ltd are a company who offer a complete range of Digital Signage Solutions both touch screen and none touch screen. Our products range from wall mounted to freestanding digital advertising displays of various sizes.

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