June 3, 2023


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Vending Machines Integrate Digital Advertising

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Digital View_logoDigital View has recently added to it’s range of media player and LCD screen components designed to help manufacturers build display products easily using display kits that are high quality, reliable, tested and standards compliant.  Manufacturers of vending equipment can take advantage of the newer, more energy efficient parts, solving some key issues.  Notably equipment is becoming lighter.  With weight and cost being two major factors to building successful digital vending products, Digital View’s latest product additions are suited to vending designs.  Slimmer, lighter and RoHS compliant, integrators can quickly fit media driven display equipment to their vending designs and create media playlists that respond to user interaction.

‘We are confident that digital media gives companies a cost effective means to enhance their brand and promote products more effectively.  With the energy savings we can achieve now and the reduction in operating costs, we are encouraged by the response our latest integrator options for our VideoFlyer and ViewStream families are receiving,’ comments James Henry, CEO of Digital View.

For vending manufacturers options are now available to offer larger companies and blue chips products that give them more scope to communicate and entertain customers through vending machine interfaces and touchscreens.

About Digital View Group
Established in 1995, Digital View Group is a proven supplier of specialist solutions for the digital signage and retail media markets. The company has supplied solid-state media players to many digital signage operators (such as CBS Outdoor, BA Media & The Life Channel) as well as many high profile consumer brands (including Proctor & Gamble, Nokia, L’Oreal, TAG Heuer, Hugo Boss, Unilever, Coca Cola, Philip Morris, Hasbro and Bosch).

The company has sales offices worldwide in Morgan Hill, CA, London, and Hong Kong.

For more information, contact:
USA:     Dusty Perryman: (408) 782 7773 – dustyperryman [at] digitalview.com
UK:    Ian Larkman: +44 (0) 207 631 2150 – ilarkman [at] digitalview.com
HK:    Michelle Fung: +852 2861 3615 – michelle.fung [at] digitalview.com

Source: Digital View