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AIS Introduces a High-Definition Digital Signage Media Players Supporting Third-Party Open Source Digital Signage Software for Quickly Project Developments

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AIS XMP 320 330American Industrial Systems Inc. (AIS), IAdea series of RISC-based high-definition digital signage players adopt the XML-based W3C SMIL interface, allowing system integrators to quickly customize and tailor to individual project requirements. The AIS XMP-320 and XMP-330 low-cost, high-definition digital signage media appliances support 3rd party open source digital signage software such as Scala and Signagelive. The AIS XMP-320/330 full-HD media player is a small, palm-sized unit that is 100-percent solid-state, fanless and low power. It is capable of playing back 1080p content using a dedicated hardware-based video decoder for picture-perfect, full-HD H.264 graphics. Advanced HDMI connectivity delivers Full HD 1080p video and audio output digitally over a single cable. Support for S1 to S12 media profiles, as defined by POPAI, the industry’s standards establishing organization, simplifies device selection and content creation.

Plug-and-play professional signage

The AIS XMP-320/330 is engineered for trouble-free, plug-and-play professional digital signage. A watchdog timer lets the player recover and resume playback from power, network, or other disruptions. The all metal enclosure provides reliable passive cooling and features screw-lock connectors to prevent loose cables. The covered CF card slot lets you expand beyond the 4GBs of built-in solid-state local storage while protecting your flash media and its contents. Enjoy all the benefits of an industrial PC (IPC) without the cost and uncertainty of complex, multi-purpose systems.

Works with your management solution

The AIS’ SMIL open standard players offer a new class of dedicated hardware that works with your existing management solution. AIS works with leading signage companies to provide a repertoire of connected signage hardware, from all-in-one compact digital signboards and SaaS companion HD appliances to Blue-ray-quality HD video players. Developers can also leverage W3C SMIL (Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language) compatibility across various SMIL based signage appliances to meet project-specific budgets and changing. AIS’ also bundles a license free content management software for those who want a complete all-in-one digital signage solution reducing your time to market and development time.

Features and Benefits

  • Auto-play starts playing scheduled contents automatically whenever power is re-established
  • Automatic error recovery with WDT and real-time clock with clock battery
  • Automatic NTP keeps time and date in sync
  • Screw-lock connectors for reliable installation, W3C SMIL 3.0 instructions (sub-set), real-time clock playlist events, network playlist sync and USB direct sync
  • HDMI 1.3a (Full-HD 1080p with audio)
  • D-SUB VGA connector
  • 3.5mm combined analog A/V out
  • USB 2.0 High Speed host x 2
  • 4 GB flash memory (approx. 90 minutes of typical high def. video @5 Mbps)
  • CF card slot (card replaces internal storage)

About American Industrial Systems, Inc.

AIS is a leading global designer and manufacturer of specialty digital signage, industrial panel pc, industrial display and rugged tablet pc solutions for customers in the broadcasting, engineering & construction, gaming & entertainment, medical & healthcare, leisure & hospitality, mining, network & telecommunications, network security, oil & gas, petroleum, pharmaceuticals, pipelines, public & private educational services, railroads an d retail markets. AIS specialize in designing and manufacturing cost-effective LCD and embedded computing products for the industrial market, as well as ODM/OEM applications worldwide. Whether your vision involves off-the-shelf displays or highly customized embedded computing solutions, AIS can supply the experience, technology, and resources you need to build it right and get you to market first. For additional information on AIS products and services, please Call AIS toll-free at (888) 485-6688 or visit: www.aispro.com.

Source: AIS

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