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doSignage Offers Digital Signage Content That Makes Screens Noticeable

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doSignage Weather
Weather Digital Signage Content

doSignage Digital Signage Content supports Digital Signage Networks and Business owners to enhance their screens noticeability by providing them eye-catching content with Weather, News, Horoscope and Customizable Templates.

doSignage is focusing on the opportunity presented by the Digital Signage industry where screens are being setup to indiscriminately display advertisements, infomercials and Digital Menu Boards; and in the process lose the viewer’s interest or inclination to purchase. Over time, viewers have developed a vision block when blasted with continuous marketing messages while responding favorably to displays when presented messages interspersed with useful Digital Signage Content such as Weather, News, Horoscope and other attention-grabbing information.

Most people’s television viewing habit is evidence to a known fact – they flip channels when commercials are shown and seek other information. While the television industry averages content-to-advertisement ratio of 3:1, it can be considered acceptable to flip the ratio in Digital Signage displays to 1:3; which would translate into 75% advertisements and 25% informative content.

“Providing useful and timely Digital Signage Content to viewers is the difference between success and failure,” says Mahesh Hinduja, President of doSignage; who now offer an easy and low cost solution to display LIVE Weather, News, Horoscope and commercials using attractive Customizable Templates. Digital Content by doSignage is aesthetically designed in eye-catching colors and available in multiple sizes to fit all Digital Signage screens.

doSignage Weather Digital Signage Content is available for over 60,000 locations worldwide and can be setup using Zip Codes in the

doSignage Halloween Templates
Digital Signage Templates

US and Pin Codes in Canada. The content can be set to display Current Conditions, Hourly and Weekly forecast in attractive multi-color styles that can be set and put to use within minutes. The information is updated hourly and displayed with striking weather icons and may be displayed in Fahrenheit or Centigrade. News Digital Signage Content is available in English, French and Spanish in many news categories and displays pictures where available.

Using doSignage Customizable Digital Signage Templates makes creating content easy as they can be personalized using images and text to suit various products and services. These Templates are designed to leverage the Digital Signage medium by exploiting colors, animation and product display. The Templates run for durations ranging from 10 to 30 seconds and can be set to loop or play in a Playlist sequence. Over 270 Templates are available in both Horizontal and Vertical screen orientation with an assortment of colors and product categories.

  • Auto Sales / Service / Repairs / Insurance
  • Digital Menu Board
  • Events / Schedule Displays
  • Furniture, Furnishing, Household, Interior Design
  • General Purpose
  • Birthday Greeting
  • Holiday Themes including Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years
  • Dentist
  • Veterinary doctor
  • Cell phone, Communication
  • Hair Salon, Laser Treatment, Spa, Beauty
  • Realtor, Mortgage, Finance
  • Restaurant, Bar, Bistro, Fast food
  • Retail, Clothing, Footwear
  • Travel, Holidays, Vacation, Cruise

doSignage Digital Signage Content can be used on any Digital Signage software and is provisioned as a Web URL. This gives it

doSignage Horoscope
doSignage Horoscope

tremendous flexibility as it is not operating system-centric nor software-centric. Screens owners who opt to use the content without any Digital Signage software can do so using the doSignage Playlist features and display within a browser using kiosk mode.

doSignage provides appropriate Digital Signage Content that can make screens noticeable and in the process generate revenue for the advertiser, location and network owner. Keeping in mind the revenue and operating aspects of this business, doSignage confidently offers a free trial to Digital Signage Networks and Business owners who would like to experience first-hand, how this can benefit them by increasing screen visibility and customer’s response to commercials shown.

doSignage ( and doPublicity ( are divisions of MaGlobe, Inc. a company based in los Altos, CA. As a company, MaGlobe have been innovative and developed products for niche markets and expanding opportunities since 2001. doPublicity has been successfully selling Digital Signage display and Remote Management software since January 2007 and has global customers in the banking, hospitality, restaurant and retail segments.

Source: doSignage

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