Monday, December 11, 2023

Survey System for Hotel & Hospitality Professionals

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Digital View Survey System for HotelHospitality professionals now have a new way to improve customer satisfaction.  Digital View announce the release of the VideoFlyer-Survey system addressing the growing demand for guest feedback. Now service professionals can use front-desk digital surveys to capture guest satisfaction responses.  The ability to deploy quick, easy and professional questionnaires through Digital View’s VideoFlyer-Survey displays, invites relevant feedback from guests via an unobtrusive touch screen.  This advanced video display system also presents the opportunity to mix promotional content into the survey.  Managers are furnished with the data they need to stay at the forefront of customer satisfaction, building loyalty and brand awareness.

For the service providers the system produces a standardized data-log that can be analyzed and reported on using Digital View’s software or imported into other analysis programs using the CSV format. This allows companies to use existing software or to build  a custom solution to meet their needs. Data can be collected manually using a USB memory stick or automatically for network versions that communicate back to a central server.

James Henry, CEO at Digital View commented, ‘Digitally collected data has been shown to be more accurate than the persistent but charming researcher. VideoFlyer-Survey system is a discreet and low cost way of allowing guests to say what they feel and give managers valuable information’.

The whole system is designed to provide flexibility for new surveys both in terms of creation as well as analysis whilst offering customers an enhanced user experience. The robust VideoFlyer-Survey displays are suitable for use in public places including high traffic locations.

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About Digital View Group

Established in 1995, Digital View Group is a proven supplier of specialist solutions for the digital signage and retail media markets.   The company has experience providing commercial digital media systems and interactive solutions primarily used for retail promotion with high profile consumer brands including Proctor & Gamble, Nokia, L’Oreal, TAG Heuer, Hugo Boss, Unilever, Coca Cola, Philip Morris, Hasbro and Bosch.

The company has sales offices worldwide in Morgan Hill, CA, London, and Hong Kong.

For more information, contact:
USA:     Dusty Perryman: (408) 782 7773 – dustyperryman [at]
UK:    Ian Larkman: +44 (0) 207 631 2150 – ilarkman [at]
HK:    Michelle Fung: +852 2861 3615 – michelle.fung [at]

Source: Digital View

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