Sunday, December 10, 2023

Techvisions Rolls Out Navori Powered Signage Network In Kavala City Bus Stop

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TechVisions, is a rapidly growing Digital Signage company located in Greece. The company designs, installs and supports Digital Signage networks in a wide range of public locations.

The company controls its own server infrastructure which ensures fast and reliable content distribution to each customer.

Using the Navori Digital Signage software platform, TechVisions can offer continuous, 24×7 support. The company deploys Navori Player equipped PCs which are also equipped with the Navori Watchdog application. This software combination provides real-time playback information and ensures each Player PC performs optimally.

This particular installation was installed in a Kavala City Bus Stop. The company developed their own in-house application so the personnel can update bus departure and arrival information.

TechVisions uses its custom online application in conjunction with the Navori Digital Signage software to deliver a combination of useful information to all Bus Station visitors. The content mix consist of services offered, real time information about the city of Kavala, local advertising and entertainment.

All this information is provided in both Greek and in English, and the content is translated and delivered in real time.

TechVisions controls the entire signage system from their own offices. This ensures the system is fully monitored so content is distributed reliably.

Navori was selected for this project based on the company’s reputation, its technical expertise and the quality of its software solutions. Another important factor was Navori’s support for native media files. No file conversion is required for Flash, HTML, Bitmaps, PowerPoint, etc… It should also be noted Navori never caches HTML content, making it an ideal method to display live data (via ASP, JSP, PHP…)


Navori offers a complete range of digital signage software solutions for any size project. From single screen, single PC installations to large networks spanning vast distances, Navori is the right choice for your next signage project.

• Navori Controller – Single PC solution.
• Navori Server Standard – Single administratior, multi-PC.
• Navori Server Enterprise – Multi-admin, multi-PC.

Our newest release, Navori Server Enterprise Extended lets large network operators host multiple customers on a single server.

Users who need to manage their Player network from remote locations can add the Navori Web Manager module to their Navori Server Enterprise installations.

This is the most flexible and cost-effective solution on the market.


• 70,000 Players in use worldwide
• 12 years of continuous product improvement
• Used in 90 countries
• Certified resellers in 52 countries
• Software available in 7 languages

Navori is headquartered in Switzerland with offices in North-America and South-America.
Join the growing number of companies who have put their trust in the Navori digital signage software platform.

NAVORI International SA
World trade center
Avenue Gratta-Paille 2 / CP476
CH-1000 Lausanne 30 Grey – Switzerland
Phone : +41 21 641 19 60
Fax : +41 21 641 19 61

TechVisions-Digital Signage and IT Solutions
20 Komninon St.,
Thessaloniki, Greece
+30 2310224324, +30 6972893987 | info [at]

Source: Navori

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