Thursday, June 20, 2024

Tightrope Media Systems announces Zeplay 400, a rock solid low-cost instant reply machine

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Zeplay 400 Multi-channel Slow Motion Instant Replay PlatformTightrope Media Systems, a leading broadcast equipment company that provides web-centric digital signage and broadcast automation systems, has launched a major new instant replay machine, the Zeplay 400. Zeplay 400 is a high quality, affordable solution designed to enable a diverse range of organizations to successfully deliver instant replays to audiences at college and high school sporting events, arenas, stadiums, and local broadcasters.
Zeplay 400 has an intuitive user interface which has been tested with diverse user groups and continually refined in order to achieve extreme ease of use. The system offers built-in multi-viewer functionality to save space and increase the operator effectiveness. A lightning fast interface makes tagging plays for highlight reels a breeze. It supports two high resolution LCD monitors for previewing four live sources, four program outputs, the sequence editor, clip store, and transport controls. Tightrope is releasing Zeplay in two versions. The Zeplay 400 is a 4 Channel SD-SDI version available for under $50,000. The Zeplay 400HD provides 4 simultaneous channels of HD-SDI recording with 4 output channels for less than $80,000. The SD unit is field upgradeable to HD.

According to Tightrope co-founder and CEO JJ Parker, Tightrope wanted to provide a level of technical sophistication in a product that all could afford. “The Zeplay 400, available for under $50,000, comes configured with RAID5 protection, redundant power, and a recording capacity of 60 hours”, stated Mr. Parker. “Zeplay’s frame blending technique and professional jog/shuttle control surface provides flawless slow motion and fast motion play-out, and what’s more, Zeplay has the ability to record and play clips in a variety of formats including DV, MPEG2, and QuickTime.”

All Zeplay machines feature an intuitive user interface, multiple ISO channel recording, a sequence editor for on-the-fly highlights package creation, and frame blending in both slow motion and fast motion for super smooth playout. Zeplay leverages Tightrope’s broadcast video server technology, which is used in mission critical environments.

About Tightrope Media Systems

Founded in 1997, Tightrope Media Systems is the pioneer of web-centric digital signage and audiovisual head-end automation systems. It provides station automation, video servers, internet video on demand, live streaming, and the Carousel Digital Signage system. Tightrope’s award winning systems are used across North America in government, hospitals, universities, high schools and local television stations. You can reach Tightrope Media Systems at (866) 866-4118 or visit them on the web at

Source: Tightrope Media Systems

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