Saturday, September 30, 2023

Asysco unleashes the future of digital signage on the UK with intelligent content and contextual messaging – Moxie has arrived

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A new generation of dynamic digital signage software has been unleashed in the UK by Asysco, Europe’s leading professional audio visual systems integrator, and it couldn’t have come a moment too soon for organisations who need to get their message across in style.

Moxie is the latest software innovation from Omnivex, the first name in enterprise software for digital signage networks and has been designed to react to an increasing demand for more dynamic, innovative and relevant video content.

Viewing audiences have been exposed to graphics capabilities on gaming platforms that are light years ahead of traditional display media and, with High Definition driving quality higher, the future of dynamic digital signage has clearly needed an impetus with impact.
And this is impact without compromise. Moxie has increased capabilities beyond Omnivex’s Display 3 software suite that manages electronic signage networks, specifically content, device and data management to delivers high quality, intelligent content that’s engaging and relevant to an intended audience.

Relevance is the key issue. Network operators, content developers and marketing managers can now focus their messages on targeted viewers and tie them directly to real-time information displays for a completely personalised announcement. Content responds instantly to current conditions and business rules, making digital signage more effective and reducing the cost of operating a large network.

Business-critical software

Dan Phillpot, a Video Communications Specialist at Asysco, is convinced that the contextual communication that Moxie delivers will make this business-critical software that just about every market sector should consider.

“Dynamic digital signage is designed to capture attention,” says Dan. “But if viewers aren’t captivated by the imagery within those first few seconds, the message is lost and the campaign has failed. Moxie changes all that. It uses 3D graphics that deliver targeted messages to a designated location at a designated time, based on the audience viewing that screen. Context is, without a doubt, the future of visual communications and the level of interest our clients are showing is reinforcing this view.”

Moxie has been designed to simplify and accelerate the process of developing and deploying digital signage networks, through its auto-discovery and self-analysing properties. The optimised system reduces bandwidth consumption and content creation costs, as advanced graphics effects can be applied to media assets in real time, eliminating the need for post-production before it is distributed across the network. It really is that simple.

The marketer’s dream content management system

It’s not hard to see how operational costs can be significantly lowered but this platform also has ROI appeal. Moxie helps manage workflow and automatically delivers the right content to the right place based on defined business rules. Distribution costs can be dramatically reduced and instant feedback of what is happening at all locations is given.

Moxie is the marketer’s dream content management system. As Omnivex President, Jeff Collard suggests: “Moxie is more advanced than any other visual communications solution available”.

Moxie is certainly making waves across all industry sectors. To learn more about what Moxie can do for your business, visit or contact the digital signage specialists at omnivex [at]

Source: Omnivex Corporation

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