Thursday, September 21, 2023

1st Mariner Arena Brings Exciting New Opportunity for Advertising Revenue

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Baltimore’s largest indoor sports and entertainment facility partners with creative firm to install interactive digital screens, promising advertising exposure to more than 800,000 guests annually.

Historically one of the most recognizable and profitable institutions in Baltimore, 1st Mariner Arena is now partnering with Creative Visual Results (CVR) to install 50-inch high-definition LCD digital screens in the box office and main lobby, with plans to install 15 more screens throughout the arena within the next year.

CVR will offer advertisers static ad spots, animation and video in 10-second rotations, resulting in between 22 and 60 impressions per hour. Depending on the package purchased, advertisers will spend between $.05 and $.25 per impression. With the cost of television advertising continually on the rise, and averaging $21 in advertising spend to reach just 1,000 people via television, local and national businesses are already showing serious interest in 1st Mariner’s digital screens.

Hosting at least 120 nationally advertised events annually with capacity for at least 14,000 guests per event, 1st Mariner Arena was CVR executives’ first choice for housing the interactive screens. “Digital advertising is growing as the leading form of marketing, showing exceptional results in consumer attention and recall,” says VP of Marketing for CVR, Alex Kutsishin. “We couldn’t wait to bring this prospect to Baltimore’s busiest stage.”

In addition to digital advertising being more positively rated by consumers than any other media, more than a third of consumers report that they have taken action as a direct result of seeing digital signage advertising.

Executives of 1st Mariner are excited to partner in a new opportunity to bring more advertising revenue into the city. CVR and 1st Mariner are currently offering advertisers a limited pre-construction sale on advertising packages. Interested advertisers can visit or contact Kutsishin at (410)878-7482 or AlexK [at]

For more Information Contact:
Alex Kutsishin, CVR
11238 Reisterstown Rd.
Owings Mills, MD 21117
Phone: 410-878-7482
Email: AlexK [at]

Source: CVRmedia

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