Saturday, September 30, 2023

Orem Library adds digital signs

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The Orem Public Library has installed several digital signs advertising library programs and services in high traffic library areas.

The signs were provided through a grant from the Utah State Library and the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

The five screens, located in the Internet area, adult nonfiction, media and two in the circulation area, display still and video notices about library services and upcoming programs.

They will also contain information from partner organizations including the City of Orem, Utah Valley University, the Utah Arts Council, the Orem Arts Council and others. Meg Spencer, library division manager, said in a news release: “With digital signage, Orem Library patrons will have the opportunity to beaware of more upcoming library programs, more library services and more community information. Because digital signage can be updated in real time, Orem Library staff will be able to alert patrons to the most important upcoming services and programs.”

The library is dedicated to programming. Spencer explained, “As Orem and the surrounding communities continue to grow, the need to establish the Orem Public Library as a central provider of quality educational, literary, and artistic programs is paramount. … Programming allows staff, visiting performers and scholars alike to speak with patrons in vital ways. From health information to literature, to the important literacy benefits of the story time and laptime programs, the impact these programs have is immeasurable.”

In a study comparing retail sales in stores with and without digital signage, researchers found a 5 to 25 percent increase in sales of items advertised digitally.

“A similar increase in program attendance or service utilization at the Orem Public Library would be of real and lasting benefit, and increase the number of patrons we can serve,” Spencer said. She also said she hopes the library’s digital signs will serve as a model for other small- and mid-sized libraries hoping to benefit from the change.

For more information about services offered at the Orem Public Library, visit

Source: Daily Herald

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