Monday, December 11, 2023

“Play List Sync”: TruMedia goes fully automated

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TruMedia is delivering to its partners a fully automated web-based reporting system, allowing automated proof of play lists uploads to the TruMedia portal. Say hello to the PLAYLIST SYNC.

TruMedia announces a breakthrough in measurement services technology. TruMedia partners can say goodbye to the manual uploading of proof of play lists onto the TruMedia server, thanks to the R&D and software development departments.

Until today, TruMedias’ partners and clients, who wished to extract important information from the TruMedia server, such as full reports regarding audience measurement, had to manually upload proof of play lists onto the TruMedia server. A time consuming procedure, which had to be substantially improved. Using the dedicated TruMedia portal to generate reports, is a clear benefit for all TruMedia partners and clients, therefore, an automated and intuitive interface had to be created.

“This integration allows the automatic uploading of play logs (proof of play logs) to the TruMedia Portal, which will enable users to create a viewership report, for each and every content, thus allowing for real, in depth analysis of the effectiveness of the display. In the past the user had to manually retrieve the logs and upload them to the Portal in a relatively slow process. With this new Sync tool it is done automatically in the background thus relieving the user from doing much technical work”. Said Mickey Lehtman, Director of Customer Applications, TruMedia. “This new integration saves both time and money for all of the TruMedia partners worldwide and makes the extraction of Audience Measurement reports a whole lot faster and easier”.

PlayList Sync – Enables the generation of a per-ad audience report by uploading Proof of Play Logs, automatically into TruMedia’s portal (a web-based reporting system), without the need of human interference.

“We never stop thinking about how we can improve our services towards our partners and clients”, said Moti Gura, TruMedia’s C.E.O. “The automation of this procedure will save our clients time and as a result will elevate productivity”. Moti also said that TruMedia has a few more innovations up its sleeve, which will be announced in the near future.

About TruMedia

TruMedia Technologies Inc. ( is the leading provider of real-time, automated audience measurement solutions for the out-of-home display industry. Its’ proprietary and field-tested video analytics technology measures visual attention towards posters, digital signs, TV monitors, display windows and in-store product displays. The company’s solutions accurately track exposure to media, advertising and merchandise and can be used to proactively change content. Headquartered in Tampa, FL, TruMedia has sales offices and research and development facilities in Israel. The company’s privacy policy ensures that it will not record, share or store any images or personally identifiable data.

Source: TruMedia

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