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FogScreen, Inc. Launches First Specialty Walk-through Projection Screen R-series for Retail and Digital Signage Markets

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FogScreen R-series Walk-through Projection ScreenFogScreen, Inc., creators of the world’s first walk-through projection screen made of “dry” fog, announced today that they will be launching their new FogScreen® projection screen R-series at the Global Shop exhibition in Las Vegas on March 23-25, 2009. This new product series is aimed at the retail and digital signage sectors with new custom design, attractive pricing and technological superiority.

FogScreen Inc.’s R-series product provides retailers and digital signage providers with the ultimate projection screen for attracting and holding the attention of consumers. Not only does this new FogScreen® projection screen allow shoppers to walk-through and physically interact with videos and logos moisture-free but it can also be configured as a touch screen where high-impact images literally float in the air!

“While media proliferation is a challenge to both consumers and marketers, FogScreen® projection screen fulfills companies’ need to attract consumer attention, increase the traffic into the stores and create new ways to get better recall rates for media messaging. FogScreen® projection screens have both the highest ‘wow’ factor of any commercial projection screen as well as the highest recall rate due to their experiential nature”, says CEO Mika Koivula.

The new features of the FogScreen® R-series product include:

* Slimmer, smaller design sized for the retail industry
* Removable and customizable side panels
* Thinner mist provides clear images
* Lower entry price

Click here to find out more about the new R-Series

FogScreen Inc.’s retail solution was piloted in north Europe, Finland. According to retail customer Henry Sukari at the Ideapark shopping mall, “on the first day of use, shoppers’ reactions ranged from astonishment to admiration. This is a wonderful means of increasing customer flows. FogScreen® projection screen offers a highly engaging media platform, where advertising itself becomes an attraction, it complements the traditional out-of-home digital media and it offers versatility with interactivity”.

GlobalShop introduces the latest in retail design and the best technology for the in-store experience. With the new FogScreen® R-series projection screen retailers can now ensure high traffic into their stores as well as call special attention to new or promotional products that are guaranteed to get noticed. The exhibition is the perfect opportunity to experience this new FogScreen® projection screen in action. FogScreen, Inc.’s booth number at the show is #5134.

For further Information please contact:

Mika Koivula, CEO, FogScreen Inc., mika.koivula [at], tel. +358 50 3888 700

About FogScreen, Inc.:

FogScreen, Inc. provides an innovative and award-winning projection screen technology that creates magical experiences and stunning visual effects that “wow” and captivate audiences. Its patented technology creates the world’s first “walk-through” projection screen. With the use of ordinary tap water and digital technology, FogScreen® projection screen enables projected images to literally float in the air, creating a brand new medium to captivate and fascinate audiences. The highly innovative yet simple-to-use product has been utilized to enhance product launches, trade shows, live entertainment, nightclubs, museums, theme parks and even private parties. FogScreen® projection screen has won numerous honours, including the Best Special Effect by the Club World Awards. Select customers include Disney, Nokia, 20th Century Fox, Harrah’s, Victoria’s Secret, P&G, Motorola, Sony, Siemens, Microsoft and many others. For more information, visit

Source: FogScreen

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