December 9, 2022

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Bahrain based MoFakro Group to provide Jawad Business Group with digital signage services powered by the Swiss based Navori digital signage platform. GDH MoFakro Group, a leading provider of digital signage solutions in Bahrain, has signed a non-exclusive distribution agreement with Navori, leader in high-end digital signage software solutions.

This establishes MoFakro as a Navori partner and distributor for Bahrain. The agreement was signed by group chairman Mohammed Adel Fakhro and Navori chairman Jerome Moeri. Under the partnership, MoFakro’s network of nearly 200 screens will greatly expand the scope of its signage offerings to its customers by complementing their existing line of dynamic signage solutions with the addition of a versatile online management option. “We are pleased to have Navori as a strategic digital signage partner for MoFakro Group,” said Mr. Fakhro. “This partnership will ensure the group’s position in the digital signage market for the foreseeable future”.

The group is committed to serving as the one-stop solution to meet its clients’ digital signage needs, said chief executive officer Jaideep Narindra. “Offering a complete digital signage solution set through our partnership with industry leader such as Navori brings our valued clients the convenience of online advertisement broadcasting and wide exposure of its content.

With Navori Player deployed at various sites and multiple displays connected to a single PC, we have created a powerful solution permitting the update, management and control of thousands of screens across any location, all from a standard Web browser”.

MoFakro Group focuses on the resale of advertising space and will use the Navori software platform to deploy and manage content on private retail signage networks.

In one instance, screens will be installed in aisles and at cash registers in 24 Hour Supermarkets, Jawad Express and Jawad Supermarket locations. These locations will grow the screen network currently operated at the group’s Giant Supermarket in Bahrain.

After a thorough evaluation process that included several competing solutions, MoFakro selected Navori for the following reasons…

• Navori Player was deemed to be the most powerful and reliable of the solutions tested.

• The Navori software platform offers specific features that are critical for advertising network operators. Specifically, the notion of dynamic playlists which lets users select content that is site specific or shared amongst multiple sites.

• Monitoring features and Navori Watchdog which can deliver real-time feedback on Player status and can prevent Player issues before they impact playback performance.

• Navori’s expertise covers many markets and this has translated into a family of products that can be adapted to any type of deployment.

• Navori software is available in Arabic which is a definite asset to customers in the region.

Let our team show you how you can benefit from a versatile software solution that is designed for 24/7 operation from the ground up.

Consider this…

• Navori solutions are currently used in 90 countries.
• 65 countries have at least one certified Navori distributor.
• There are 70,000 Player Licenses in use worldwide.
• Navori software is available in 7 languages.
• Renowned Swiss quality.
For more information about our products, please contact your local Navori representative.

Source: Navori

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