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Lanner Expands Range of Top Selling Digital Signage Offerings By Adding New High End Platform

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Lanner LEC-7900D digital signage playerLanner Electronics, Inc. an ODM manufacturer of embedded IPCs has just announced our newest digital signage platform, the LEC-7900D. The LEC-7900D is our newest top-of-the-line player, which boasts triple video out, Nvidia graphics, and the Intel Core 2 Duo CPU. Additionally SCALA, digital signage software provider, has approved the LEC-7900D to be used in conjunction with their software.

Internally the LEC-7900D utilizes the NVIDIA MCP7A chipset and the Intel Core 2 Duo Processor. The MCP7A chipset delivers stunning graphic output, capable of displaying 2 streams of video on 2 Full HD displays, all with low power consumption and minimal CPU overhead.

Enabled to handle both standard and high definition video streams, the LEC-7900D comes with HDMI, DVI-D and dual VGA video-out ports. This allows great flexibility in deployment and multiple on-the-go solutions. Other communication ports include 4 x USB 2.0, LAN, Stereo Line Out and dual RS-232 COM ports.

The LEC-7900D has been approved by SCALA, an international company specializing in Digital Signage Software. SCALA engineers work with their customers to deliver tailor-made signage applications, ranging from stand alone digital posters to completely interactive systems. The LEC-7900D earned approval only after months of rigorous testing, to ensure 100% compatibility to the SCALA experience. Having SCALA’s stamp of approval allows our end customers to confidently buy the LEC-7900D, knowing there is compatible software that they can purchase.

The LEC-7900D has the Intel socket P CPU slot, which can support the Intel Core 2 Duo or Celeron M processors and up to 4 GB of dual channel RAM. It comes with SATA connections, Compact Flash drive and a 2.5” hard drive bay. Expansion is offered through Mini-PCI and Mini-PCIe slots. As all Lanner IPCs, the LEC-7900D is compatible with both Linux kernel 2.14.6 and above, along with both Windows XPE and Windows XP 32-bit & 64-bit.
Lanner experience in industrial computer design is just a couple months shy of 25 years. This experience gives Lanner a unique edge in terms of stability and longevity. The LEC-7900D has gone through extensive shock, vibration and temperature tests. It can safely operate between -10o and 55o Celsius.

The LEC-7900D is available for sample orders immediately. For more information or to request a sample, contact a Lanner representative at sales [at] , or visit us on the web at:

For more information regarding SCALA please go here:

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