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Schools and Universities Enhance Communications with Cisco Digital Media System

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Cisco Digital Media System Mobile CountyCisco Digital Media System Santa Clara UniversityDigital Signage Broadcasts Class Schedules, Campus Events and Emergency Notifications

Cisco today announced that more than 1,000 organizations have adopted the Cisco® Digital Media System in just two years, led by early adopters at K-12 and higher education institutions. Schools and universities are using the Cisco Digital Media System, which includes digital signage, campus television and desktop video solutions, to improve campus communications, extend learning beyond the classroom environment and disseminate emergency notifications. Santa Clara University is the latest institution to deploy the solution.

Cisco is also introducing new content distribution capabilities for the Cisco Digital Media System. Building on existing support for the Cisco Application and Content Networking System, Cisco has added support for Cisco Wide Area Application Services and bandwidth optimization for Cisco Digital Media Players. Together these technologies help meet customers’ needs for cost-effective media distribution across different network topologies.

* Santa Clara University in Santa Clara, Calif., is using Cisco Digital Signage to communicate information about campus events, class updates and safety concerns to the campus community in real time.

* Cisco Digital Signage replaces posters for communications about campus events and safety information. It reduces clutter, reduces out-of-date communications, and can immediately be updated to display up-to-the-minute emergency alerts.

* The Cisco Digital Media System also includes the Cisco Desktop Video Portal to enable anytime, anywhere learning by delivering live and prerecorded lectures directly to students’ desktops.

* Cisco Enterprise TV delivers campus television, campus-produced and commercial video on demand to large displays in dorm lounges and classrooms. Students select and control content with a remote control. With the addition of encoders, campus television can also replace cable television systems on campus.

* Hill College, Elon University, College of Southern Nevada and Mobile County Public School district are other institutions benefiting from the Cisco Digital Media System.

Supporting Quotes:

“Today’s students have very different preferences in communication media and very different expectations about the immediacy of communications than their predecessors of even a few years ago. The Cisco Digital Media System provides us with a more effective way to reach current students with updated class information, last-minute room changes and other important campus communications.” – Ronald Danielson, vice provost for information services and chief information officer, Santa Clara University.

“Video is a critical medium for communicating to students, employees and customers. With the Cisco Digital Media System, organizations can reach their key audiences on digital signs, on personal computers or on mobile devices. ” – Thomas Wyatt, vice president and general manager, Cisco’s Digital Media Systems business unit.


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