Thursday, October 5, 2023

ESII Introduces eSirius™ 7.2 Version

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Improved appointments module, centralized message sending on interactive kiosks and compatibility with third party digital signage solutions highlight the newest release of eSirius™.

ESII, SAS, the leading provider of customer flow process management integration technologies to enhance waiting time performances, today announced the release of version 7.2 of customer flow management software solution eSirius™.

What’s new in eSirius™ 7.2
• Users can now have access to an enhanced eAppointment™ module with easy to use and intuitive steps management.
• The new eDS™ Java module compliant with all platforms makes it easier to broadcast calls on video on digital signage solution third parties.
• Immediate and centralized messages can be sent on interactive kiosks helping to display instant messages (information, special offer, welcome …) on several sites.
ESII product updates continue to address the needs of the company’s evolving customer base. As always, ESII wants to hear from you. Please send your information requests to com [at]

About ESII:

ESII provides a full complement of technology and services to meet the increasingly sophisticated needs in customer flow process management markets. ESII is dedicated to providing high performance solutions in queue management, goods collection, electronic call forward, display and digital signage to improve waiting conditions profitability.

ESII is widely recognized as the industry’s leader to optimize customer flow process management with more than 8000 installed sites. Headquartered in Lavérune, France, ESII operates worldwide with an additional office in Créteil, near Paris. For more information, visit or email com [at]

ESII, eSirius™, eGestat™, eTurn™, eTrack™, eWelcome™, Cameo™ and eDiseo™, are trademarks of ESII.

Source: ESII

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