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PADSXPRESS launch at ISE 2010 by Net Display Systems

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Net Display SystemsNet Display Systems (NDS) has developed a brand new product that will have its world première at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2010: PADSXPRESS.

PADSXPRESS is a network based digital signage solution suitable for any size installation, from one to hundreds of displays.

“This year we have seen a growing demand from the market for a competitive, network based digital signage product.” says Arthur Damen, Product Manager at Net Display Systems. “We were told that our award winning PADS Professional software is by far the most comprehensive product in the market.”, he continues, “but there was a strong need for a lower priced version including the most used features. Due to the modular design of our PADS software we have been able to quickly respond to this demand.”

In this new version, all major features in content creation, scheduling, automatic distribution, playback of content and remote management will be present. For example, one can still easily insert images, videos, Flash and web pages into the content. The often highly praised data source connectivity features of PADS are included as well. This makes the product in terms of functionality still at least as good as its competitors. The result is a complete product at an attractive price.

With the recently launched PADS2GO, PADS Standalone, PADSXPRESS and PADS Professional Net Display Systems offers a complete range of digital signage software products. For every digital signage situation from standalone to mission critical network solutions Net Display Systems can provide a suitable software solution.

Besides PADSXPRESS, the entire PADS product range will be showcased at ISE 2010. Net Display Systems can be found in Hall 12, at booth 12A77.

For more information about PADSXPRESS please click here.

Source: Net Display Systems

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