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Exhibio Announces On Time Release Of New 3.2 Digital Signage Software Update March 4, 2009

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Redesigned User Interface and System Information Page Headline Enhancement Package

Exhibio, a worldwide digital signage provider located in Williamsville, New York, today announced the release of updated software version 3.2 for both the X-series and M-series solutions.  This release adds several new and enhanced features to an already robust Exhibio Manager powering the industry’s easiest signage solution.

Several new additions make the Exhibio Manager more intuitive to current uses for displaying content.   “Our development team continues to work diligently to identify the needs of our customers, then deliver new tools to ensure Exhibio’s digital signage platform helps them achieve their goals,“ said Dave Kaplan, Chief Operating Officer.  The features of the 3.2 update include: * Redesigned User Interface – The web application User Interface has been completely redesigned for quicker and more intuitive interaction.

* New System Information Section – New section added to centralize important statistics and metrics.

* Improved Scheduling System – Timeline and Month View modes have been added to the Scheduler.  Day and Week Views have also been improved.

* New Scrolling Text Widget – Media item button now allows for creating and displaying scrolling text areas within each page.

“We feel that we have significantly streamlined the experience of developing content with the 3.2 update, while providing exciting new features that both beginners and experienced Exhibio clients can use.  From schools, to businesses, to houses of worship, organizations of all types will appreciate these adjustments,” said Charlie Riley, Marketing Manager.  Some enhanced items include:

* Pane Dimensions Display – Pane proportions are now displayed in the ‘Specify Pane Defaults’ sections of the Custom Scene creation and scene editing processes.

* “Show All” Links In Layout Pages – All layout selection pages now contain “Show All” links which display all Pane Layouts at once.

* Scene and Pane Chooser Widgets – Page Editor header text is now clickable to show new scene and pane chooser widgets, allowing quick navigation to other scenes, or other pages within the same scene.

* Internet Explorer 8 Compatibility Bug-fix – Now displays properly in the latest beta versions of Internet Explorer 8.


The software upgrade is available immediately to all current Exhibio customers with a Software Support and Maintenance Package.  For those looking to add the new upgrade, or for more information on all of the changes included in the 3.2 software update, contact Exhibio by calling 716.799.0410 or by emailing [email protected]

About Exhibio, LLC

Established in 1995 in Williamsville, New York, Exhibio is a global industry pioneer in developing digital signage and content management systems that are web-accessible, reliable and incredibly easy to use. They offer connected signage solutions used in education, retail, government, transportation, hospitality, and several other industries, canvassing almost unlimited possibilities for creative content usage and across networks.  Exhibio’s exclusive intuitive visual interface enables users to easily create customized mixed-media displays on plasma, LCD or other screens. The company’s patent-pending digital display systems can be updated, monitored and managed remotely from anywhere online.  Exhibio, a Digital Signage Association member, has hundreds of installations in universities, corporate offices, transportation facilities, hotels, and hospitals, throughout North and South America.

Source: Exhibio

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