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Magenta Research,a recognized leader in signal distribution over structured cabling, along with Sony Systems.

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Magenta Research,a recognized leader in signal distribution over structured cabling, along with Sony Systems brought the American Airlines Arena, home to the 2006 NBA Champion Miami Heat, into the era of high-definition video broadcasting.

The Heat, recognized as a “best-practice franchise leader” with this new upgrade, has dramatically enhanced their overall fan experience. These high-definition changeovers serve as a benchmark for other arenas across the country that are looking to follow suit and convert their existing audiovisual delivery and presentation infrastructures.   
One of the major areas to be reworked was the Bacardi Grand Entrance, one of the main arena entrances.  The Bacardi Grand Entrance features a three-story high projection wall that is fully configurable. The Sony displays are programmed with Sony’s proprietary ZIRIS software system and include signal extension provided by Magenta’s high-definition MultiView XRTx and AK600’s. The MultiView components enable high-definition analog audiovisual signals to travel over UTP cable to distances of 2,000 feet without repeaters or degradation of quality.

The Dewar’s Suite Level is another area that takes “fan enhancement” and rebranding to the next level. The display screens in this area highlight the Dewar’s brand using interesting video configurations. These cutting edge high definition screens are also run by Sony’s software in conjunction with Magenta Research’s MultiView Series high-definition video extension technology.

The arena’s upgrade was extensive, and one of the biggest challenges was bringing the arena’s flat panel displays up to cutting-edge high-definition standards.  The Miami Heat identified and procured the solutions needed to update their signage system through their partnership with Sony Systems.   The new equipment includes Sony’s Zirus software and award-winning displays, which provide content to resolutions beyond 1080p, as well as searing images for large video wall installations. The displays were located at substantial distances from the control room and required a signal delivery solution to insure the transmission of the high-definition 1080p content without degradation. An integral part of the total solution was Magenta Research’s MultiView Series transmitters and receivers. Magenta Research’s MultiView Series high-definition video extension technology enables high-definition audiovisual signals to travel distances of 2,000 feet over CAT-5 (UTP) without degradation of quality or introduction of delay. The distance capability combined with zero-latency delivery makes the MultiView system the best choice for video wall deployments.

“We were interested in creating an impressive digital display for our Bacardi Grand Entrance and Dewar’s Suite Level elevator landings. We decided to use Sony’s ZIRIS Canvas digital signage solution to create dynamic video walls. We needed to distribute the signals in a cost effective manner but still retain high-quality high-definition video. When we approached Sony for their preferred solution, they recommended consulting with Magenta Research and stated that they had used Magenta Research products in the past with great success. When I called JJ Kentala at Magenta Research, he provided me with a great solution and followed through so that we would have everything we needed for the installation. We are very happy with our installation and would use their products in future projects,” said Javier Caballero, Manager, Broadcast Services, The Heat Group, American Airlines Arena.

About Magenta Research:
Magenta Research is an industry-recognized leader in the adaptive distribution and switching of video/audio/control signals over CatX cable, DVI over fiber and/or CatX, and HDMI over CatX. For over 11 years, Magenta has developed the highest-performance, broadest, and most flexible video-over-CatX product line, the MultiView™ Series. The company utilizes proprietary technologies to enable WUXGA/1080p video distribution at 2,000 feet (610m). Magenta’s Mondo Matrix™ CatX switch remains the largest and most flexible switch of its kind on the market, with the ability to be configured in increments of 16 inputs/outputs from 16×16 to 256×512. Magenta’s Opto Matryx digital video switch provides the unique ability to switch and extend digital video, audio, serial, and USB signals over fiber and/or UTP cable while maintaining modularity and field-upgradeability. Magenta transmitters, receivers, switchers, and distributive systems have been installed in a large variety of A/V applications, especially dynamic signage for retail, airport, fast food, museum, casino, theatre, courtroom, and corporate applications.

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