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Scalable Display Technologies Helps Drive Adoption of Large, High-Resolution Multi-User Touch Walls

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Scalable Display Technologies logoScalable Display Technologies, a leading provider of software for multi-projector display systems, today announced that its technology is driving a new class of public displays offering multi-user touch interfaces. Scalable’s patented display calibration software enables large, ultra-high resolution displays that contextualize information to specific users, situations and locations.

Scalable partners have successfully resolved the issues of usability, privacy and personal information management in shared spaces to successfully deploy large-scale touch walls in retail, hospitality and tradeshow venues around the world. Recent multi-user touch wall display installations driven by Scalable’s software include: Cannes Film Festival and AdobeMAX 2009 Conference.

Scalable partner Miller & Associates recently demonstrated a Scalable multi-touch wall designed to display conference-related Twitter messages — an application that requires a high level of screen resolution to maintain overall legibility. Scalable Display’s calibration solution was used to combine four projectors into one seamless high-resolution desktop display.

Mark Miller, managing partner of Miller & Associates, said, “The success of multi-touch devices is how they enable users to manipulate and share data, two essential keys to effective Business Intelligence. The nature of multi-touch devices is intuitive, allowing easy collaboration and interaction among multiple users. With Scalable’s technology, we can expand the size of our displays to accommodate any interaction model that our clients desire.”

Miller & Associate’s Scalable touch wall will be on display at TexFlex ’09 in Dallas, Texas on November 13th, 2009. Commercial availability is planned for 2010.

“The multi-touch user interface has become mainstream, thanks to the iPhone and similar mobile devices,” said Andrew Jamison, CEO of Scalable Display Technologies. “We are pleased that our partners are leveraging the capabilities of our display calibration software to bring large-scale, high-resolution multi-touch walls to new markets. Miller & Associates has demonstrated market leadership with their clean and elegant multi-touch applications.”

About Miller & Associates

Founded by individuals from information technology and management consulting firms, the mission of Miller & Associates is to improve the usefulness, timeliness, and flexibility of data within the organizations of their clients. The diversity of Miller & Associates allows them to accomplish their mission on a variety of different fronts. These range from management consulting engagements to information technology activities; as well as full lifecycle hardware and software development projects. For more information go to http://www.mmillerassociates.com/

About Scalable Display

Scalable Display Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of software used to create projection-based displays with resolution far beyond HD. Scalable’s patented EasyBlend(TM) software enables the next generation of displays by simplifying the creation of super-resolution, multi-projector displays of the highest quality and scalable size. EasyBlend opens the door to widespread use of multi-projector edge-blended displays for a wide range of applications, including simulators based on off-the-shelf components, and supports new forms of digital signage and data visualization tools. For more information, go to http://scalabledisplay.com.

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