Saturday, December 2, 2023

TiroMedia Introduces The TMP N6 HD Digital Signage Player

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TiroMedia releases the TMP N6 which is a multi-zone solid-state 1080p player that operates in both networked and standalone environments.

TiroMedia is pleased to announced the release of its newest digital signage player: The TMP-N6. This player is extremely flexible as it can be used in standalone mode where only a USB thumb dive with content is needed. It can also be used in networked mode where it can be managed from a web server or TiroMedia’s CMS.

The USB option allows small digital signage operators to leverage digital signage technologies without a complicated setup. The player also comes with a remote control
which allows for a list of options to be managed directly by the operator (transition effects, display time, auto on/off, etc).

When used in a networked mode, the player can easily receive content updates from any web server. This is due to the fact that is relies on open standards for communication and updates. The player is also 100% compatible with TiroMedia’s CMS which provides even more tools for managing a network of players.

Key features of the TMP N6 include:

-Multi-zone support
-HDMI support
-Resolution up to 1080p
-100% solid state
-Mounting brackets
-Low power consumption
-Firewall friendly
-HTTP support
-Optional Wi-Fi

The player offers reliability through its solid-state design. It does not contain a hard drive or fans. In addition, the player is not susceptible to PC viruses and worms.
The player ships with an internal 4 GB CF disk. A wireless option is available upon request.

The TMP-N6 expands “ease of use” to also include “ease of deployment”. The player can be remotely setup with minimal efforts which requires minimal training. The initial configuration options can all be saved into a single file which can then be copied to the player through USB. The player can apply all configuration settings automatically at power-up.

The TMP-N6 is available for $799.99. Volume discounts are available.

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TiroMedia is a Colorado Based digital signage technology company dedicated to providing high impact cutting edge media solutions. We pride ourselves on having the most flexible digital signage solution, coupled with our superior service.

Source: TiroMedia

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