Wednesday, November 29, 2023

StatusVu…Performance Monitoring

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MRI, Inc. is pleased to announce a new standard feature for all BoldVu™ Digital Displays that monitors the status of key display performance factors and seamlessly relays information back to the NOC (Network Operations Center).

The patent pending StatusVu™ feature is a Performance Monitoring system designed by MRI engineers to provide a real time status snapshot of the display’s complete performance including information on backlight levels, brightness, temperature levels, down time incidents, and power consumption.

With Digital Displays deployed today in locations such as airports, shopping malls, bus shelters, and other “remote” areas, owners and operators need the ability to monitor the performance of their display and update the content from a distance.  StatusVu™ supports multiple interfaces, including SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol), that allow intelligent 2-way communication between a digital display and the NOC.  Included in the StatusVu™ feature is a secure Web Site that the customer / NOC can access and extract needed information.

StatusVu™ creates a highly effective monitoring system that allows operators to know how their display is performing, what the internal temperatures are, how the components are holding up and when to schedule a service call. Now, displays sitting side by side or separately can be effortlessly compared on factors such as brightness, image quality, image verification, run time, temperature, and power consumption.

For more information, please contact:
MRI, Inc
1600 Union Hill Road
Alpharetta, GA 30005

Source: MRI

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