June 7, 2023


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SmartAVI, Inc. Unveils SignagePro Mobility

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Smart-AVI Signage Pro MobilityCompact Digital Signage Hardware/Software Unit Targets Mass Transit Vehicles and Spaces Where Traditional Solutions Have Been Virtually Impossible

SmartAVI, Inc., a world-leading innovator in the fields of digital content creation, management and delivery solutions through hardware and software, today unveiled it’s compact digital signage hardware/software solution for mass transit vehicles and small viewing areas, called SignagePro Mobility.

SignagePro Mobility takes its cue from SmartAVI’s wildly-popular SignagePro and SignageProHD units, which have sold well around the world because of their aggressive pricing and powerhouse performance as digital signage solutions. The major difference with the SignagePro Mobility unit, is that is has been designed specifically for mass transit vehicles such as jumbo jets and taxis as well as compact spaces such as retail kiosks in shopping malls or elevators.

“Digital signage married with mass transit vehicles such as busses, airplanes, taxis and trains is just now really exploding within the marketplace,” said Albert Cohen, President and CEO of SmartAVI, Inc. “Millions of people ride planes, busses, taxis and trains each day. The opportunity to put digital signage literally right in front of commuters and passengers is absolutely exciting; especially for those looking to earn revenue from advertisers or enhance their customer experience through direct communication with their passengers.

“With the advancement of SignagePro Mobility, we have basically compacted our popular digital signage hardware into a light-weight, condensed version of SignagePro for our clients that want to utilize digital signage technology on the go,” continued Cohen. “Each unit is capable of high-definition output and wireless programming from a remote host computer or over a network, so information and content can be literally updated on-the-fly, in the case of airlines using this product! The possibilities are endless – from taxi cab signage to elevators and on into vehicles such as trains and busses. Never before has digital signage deployment been so easy. We are thrilled by this new innovation and have all the confidence in the world that our corporate clients and their customers will be equally as excited and impressed.”

SignagePro Mobility operates as a host/receiver hardware package with the host computer being whatever PC the content management software is installed on, such as a desktop at home or a personal laptop; there is no dedicated server needed for this unit. Updates are done via IP network – either across the table or around the world, with the click of a mouse.

The software incorporated into SignagePro Mobility is Windows®-based and has been created with all types of end users in mind, from seasoned system architects to individuals that have never worked with digital signage before. The control software is extremely user-friendly and simple to use while delivering high-impact results right out of the box.

Content creation, scheduling and management is a snap with SmartAVI’s control software and the option of powerful and easy-to-use program templates using everyday media files – including QuickTime, MPEG, AVI, WMV, JPG, GIF, PNG, Adobe Acrobat, PDF, MP3, PowerPoint and HTML. SignagePro Mobility is even equipped for real-time RSS feeds to keep commuters and passengers up to speed on breaking news, stock tickers or any other live messages or information needs to be broadcast to them at any given time.

Each SignagePro Mobility unit comes with an DVI out port, and each receiver is completely capable of 1920 x 1200 high-definition image playback, giving it all the power of our SignageProHD product at a fraction of the size. The suggested retail price for SmartAVI’s SignagePro Mobility is $1,299.00.

For more information and images of SignagePro Mobility, please visit: http://www.smartavi.com/categories/digital-signage/signagepro-mobility.htm

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