Saturday, September 30, 2023

First, fully interactive 3D Digital Signage Platform

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Zero Creative_logoZero Creative announces the launch of the worlds’ first real-time Digital Signage platform entirely based on a 3D engine. This platform is especially designed to maximize implementation on our autostereoscopic 3D Displays. There are also several extra modules available such as gesture controlled interaction. This combination of technologies is unique and therefore a world premier.

3DZignage is developed using 3D (game) engine technology, making all content native 3D. This was done in order to make a flawless combination with the autostereoscopic xyZ 3D Displays. xyZ 3D Displays are able to show real 3D without any need for special 3D-glasses. This generates an enormous impact on people passing by. This is of course the crux of the whole concept.

The new platform changes the rules of Digital Signage, transforming it from a passive to a very (inter)active viewer experience. In doing so, it opens up the possibility of two-way communication: allow customers to really interact with the display. Improve the focus of digital marketing efforts and improve the return on investment likewise. Special modules, like Gesture Control Interactivity, offer viewers an intuitive way of controlling the platform. Besides, technologies like this make it possible to communicate ‘through’ the shopping window, opening a wide scale of new possibilities.

Zero Creative 3D Digital Signage“Whether you already know Digital Signage or not, just skip versions 1.0 and 2.0 and go straight ahead to what we call ‘Digital Signage 3.0’ or, to go short, 3DZignage”, says Jean-Pierre van Maasakker, CEO of Zero Creative.

3DZignage is planned to be officially launched during the upcoming IBC 2009 event (11-15 September) in the dedicated Digital Signage Zone (Booth DS6).

Zero Creative is specialized in 3D experiences and creates interactive real-time 3D presentations. Besides innovative content, the media company also offers her unique autostereoscopic xyZ 3D Displays, based on lenticular technology. These LCD displays deliver a very bright and clear 3D effect, without the need of special 3D glasses.

Source: Zero Creative

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