September 26, 2022

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WANDisplay Digital Menu Boards Deployed Internationally

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WAND Corporation_logoDigital Menu Board leader and Point Of Sale software trend-setter WAND Corporation announced today the deployment of WANDisplay Digital Menu Boards in Canada. Memsbury, Co. LTD, a Wendy’s franchise located in Ontario, Canada, has deployed WAND Digital Menu Boards in their new Wendy’s site. In addition, the WAND Creative Group was tapped to develop the unique menu board content for the Canadian market.

When asked if he’d noticed a measurable sales improvement, Memsbury, Co. LTD CEO Stephen Memme responded by agreeing, saying in particular that dairy product sales were markedly higher. Over 500 percent higher, in fact, for the Frosty-Cino shakes in comparison to his other stores. Memme credits much of this sales lift to the Digital Menu Boards. “When building a new Wendy’s store, I don’t think we could go back to traditional signage” said Memme, “after having seen and used WAND Corporation’s Digital Menu Boards”.

WANDisplay Digital Menu Boards positively affect menu mix, create sales lift, and enhance the overall customer experience. The system consists of commercial LCD screens mounted on the wall or in temperature-controlled outdoor enclosures. It really is possible to eliminate printed merchandising materials altogether.

“As we continue to evolve the WAND Digital Restaurant, Canada will remain an important cornerstone in our international business plan,” said Greg Perrill, Chief Operating Officer for WAND Corporation. “Memsbury has taken the first step in the process of transitioning themselves into a total Digital Restaurant,” Perrill continued.

WAND Corporation has a history with the Wendy’s community spanning nearly 20 years, and over 22 years exclusively with QSR. With over 1,600 Wendy’s restaurants and thousands of other QSR restaurants currently running WAND POS software, the move to the WAND Digital Restaurant comes naturally. Strategic relationships with companies like IBM, LG, NCR, Panasonic, and Samsung are part of how WAND Corporation is leading the way to the future of QSR Technology.

About Memsbury, Co. LTD

Memsbury Co. LTD is an Ontario-based Wendy’s of Canada franchise, headed by CEO, Stephen Memmi. A front-runner in digital and kitchen equipment technology, Memsbury is also a community sponsor of local charity events, including the Brock Badger’s Cheerleading Team.

About WAND Corporation

WAND Corporation is the world leader in POS software for Quick Service Restaurants, and a leading innovator in Digital Menu Boards. Much more than digital signage, Digital Menu Board technology shows the customer what they want, when they want it. Thousands of QSR locations benefit by working with WAND Corporation, including Arby’s, A&W, Burger King, Checkers/Rally’s, Church’s Chicken, and Wendy’s. With over 150 employees and more than 22 years of experience in a rapidly changing industry, WAND Corporation is a nimble, thriving QSR innovator, having never lost the spirit that was the inspiration for its birth in 1987. More information is available at

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Source: Wand Corporation

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