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AV Planners Inc. and Ridgelogic Power UC Davis Digital Signage Library Network

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AV Planners_logoUniversity of California Davis chooses AV Planners and Ridgelogic for digital signage installation.

The number of digital signage deployments on university campuses in the U.S. has skyrocketed during the past few years. Earlier this year, University of California Davis joined the fray when it launched SceneStudio Pro digital signage software to replace a standalone solution.  This allows for multiple users to be able to alter content with little training to update the library’s message board within minutes.

Users can access a Web-based login that can be used by any authorized Web browser to input the content into a Microsoft SQL database. This ability to remotely access the system brings great functionality to the system and is one of the most powerful components built into Scene Studio Content Manager.

Seamless network integration was a key factor in choosing SceneStudio as a digital signage application.  SceneStudio offers a rich feature set without wasting time on training and complex setup.  For IT departments at large organizations such as UC Davis managing a network of digital signage can become a constant battle and loose effectiveness if content is not updated on a regular basis.  Giving multiple users access to the system assures that content will stay relevant and up to date.

A university campus is the perfect place for a digital signage network ( with a constant array of activities going on throughout the school year.  Effective digital signage is fast becoming a viable means of distribution and dissemination of information.  A key element of effectiveness is eye catching layout and designs much like any well planned and organized web site.  SceneStudio makes this an easy task for organizations adding digital signage networks to their facilities.  Drag and drop functionality and an intuitive interface are some of the many features that make SceneStudio stand out in the digital signage market.

About Ridgelogic’s SceneStudio

With SceneStudio digital signage, your informational displays will get noticed like never before. This unique solution allows standard media formats to be combined on top of a custom image background – creating engaging multimedia messages for display in locations such as hotel or corporate lobbies. SceneStudio is optimized for use in a single location, but content can be transferred from one media player to another across the network or by using storage media. Content can also be scheduled to play automatically. SceneStudio offers a low, upfront purchase price along with the lowest possible operational costs because non-technical users can operate it. The easy-to-use interface allows anyone to update the message frequently and on-the-fly, keeping content fresh and relevant.  More information is available at

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About AV Planners

AV Planners can create a digital signage solution that is custom to your organization. As a world-class audiovisual systems integrator, AV Planners can show you how to utilize digital signage as an effective, powerful tool to reach your specific audience. We can provide everything you need to establish your digital signage solution, including needs analysis, system training, system support and services, content creation, day-to-day system management and more. Visit for more information.

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