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Top Of The Line Digital Poster Make Fusion Asian Restaurant’s Renovation A Stand-Out

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Corn Digital_logo“The decision to install a high-profile LCD screen-based all-in-one digital poster by Corn Digital, a leading Digital Signage provider, has become a critical, but cost-effective solution.”

Apo-Apo Restaurant in Rowland Heights, CA, a renown fusion Asian delicacy dinner in Southland, was in planning stage of setting up a modern look at their newest location to enhance their traditional Taiwanese and Japanese fusion plates’ presentation. Apo has always been famous with their modern and bold presentation in mixing contemporary utensils with traditional recipes, but is often facing the challenge of gaining younger generations’ attention while retaining older “home folks” business.

The decision to install a high-profile LCD screen-based all-in-one digital poster by Corn Digital, a leading Digital Signage provider, has become a critical, but cost-effective solution and a great asset to the operation.

A 32” LCD all-in-one portrait screen powered by SignageNow has been installed in key traffic location near the front entrance and by the take-out order area. The display allows the restaurant to showcase its specialty and/or promotional menu items. The digital poster can effectively attract customers’ eye balls with carefully designed dynamic media contents, create great instant push for sales items. It is also a powerful vehicle to convey daily and weekly promotions to cause customers to return for more good deals.

“I was speculating at first, but when the unit was powered up, the only word came out was – WOW!” says Waylon Huang, project manager of Apo-Apo new flagship store. “We carefully selected the color scheme to make the classic restaurant looked modern (“Apo” means “old nanny”), and the digital poster is the last stroke, it instantly added a bright, contemporary look to the environment.” Huang put in posters with the design consistent with the printed menu in-store, mixed with messages the store intended for customers, even a “now hiring” bulletin. “As a communication device, this one is way more powerful with flexibility. It replaced our traditional paper handouts with compelling text and images which will never fade, and could easily be created and changed by our staff in a very short time. We are not just talking about savings in printing cost, maintenance and replacement headaches, we are talking about a more effective, efficient and direct communication with our customers day in and day out.”

The all-in-one digital poster is designed for retail environment such as Apo-Apo, it has built in HD media player with a choice of wireless or Ethernet connection. Enhanced brightness and contrast ratio suitable for all light conditions with ultra wide viewing angle panel. Fan cooling with heavy duty air filter to avoid cooking fume and grease; Special portrait only LCD design to avoid homogeneous color effect with ultra slim design thinner than 4 inches. It also has scratch-free & anti-glare temp-glass screen protector. The turnkey, easy-to-use nature of the digital signage system and its appearance contribute to its appealing.

Huang is working on his next project, which he intends to apply larger size screens for a complete digital menu board and poster system. “The signage is so user friendly that it doesn’t require extensive training before operating it, and the X factor is, Corn Digital is a local company with a great support team ready to help you.”

Corn Digital’s SignageNow web based content management software is preloaded with professionally designed templates that allow businesses the flexibility of setting up desired any combination of day-part play list in an instant.

For more information on Corn Digital’s latest digital signage solutions, visit www.corndigital.com

Source: Corn Digital

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