June 7, 2023


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Phoenix Kiosk Inc. Launches “The Celsius” Freestanding Outdoor Kiosk

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Phoenix Kiosk_Celsius Freestanding Outdoor KioskThe Celsius is the first in a line of Kiosks manufactured specifically for use in outdoor settings.

Phoenix Kiosk Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of the first in a new series of outdoor kiosks. The Celsius can be used in extreme cold and hot temperatures without losing the stylish look and affordability that Phoenix Kiosk Inc. offers.

The new line of outdoor kiosks enables self service and digital signage applications to be placed in a wide variety of outdoor settings. From barren deserts to icy winds, the Celsius is built to withstand the harshest of elements.

The Celsius is the latest innovation from Tempe, Arizona based Phoenix Kiosk Inc. This rugged unit can withstand environments ranging from 32F to 110F, all while still being fully functional for public use. The Celsius is built with features such as weatherproof speakers and a viewing area visor allowing it to be placed in high traffic outdoor areas without the fear of weather damage.

“The Celsius is a breakthrough for our company” says Phoenix Kiosk Inc. CEO Alan Work. “The market for outdoor kiosks continues to grow, and Phoenix Kiosk is excited to be setting yet another trend in the kiosk and self-service market. The Celsius will change the way people think of open-air kiosks from both a cost perspective and a style perspective.”

For more information about the Celsius outdoor kiosk, please visit www.celsius-kiosk.com or www.phoenixkiosk.com.

About Phoenix Kiosk Inc.

Phoenix Kiosk Inc. (www.phoenixkiosk.com) is based in Tempe, Arizona and develops hardware and software for self-service, interactive and kiosk applications. Through its online store at www.kioskstuff.com, Phoenix Kiosk Inc. also offers fulfillment of consumables such as kiosk paper, cleaning supplies, and marketing materials designed to make distributed self-service applications successful and efficient. Phoenix Kiosk Inc. services customers in several countries throughout North, Central and South America as well as India.

Source: Phoenix Kiosk