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NEXCOM NISE 2000 Series Fan-less PC Conquer the High Speed RS485 Communication of 921.6Kbps

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Nexcom_logoThe recently launched NISE 2000 series fan-less PC has earned much acclaim for its sleek design, exceptional reliability and rich I/O interfaces. Another feature of NISE 2000 series fan-less PC which has received positive market feedback is the platform’s high-speed RS485 interface, which enables users to communicate data at extremely high baud rates, over long distances.

Features on serial function of NISE 2000 series fan-less PC

Jumper-free on RS232/422/485 Setting

In the past, it has been necessary to adjust jumper settings in order to switch from RS232 to RS422 or RS485. By contrast the user-friendly NISE 2000 series fan-less PC allows you set RS232/422/485 on BIOS menu without changing the jumper setting.  Jumper-free setting is extremely convenient and reduces the time required to read the user-manual and open the case in order to set the jumper during setup.  It also reduces the possibility of wrong settings.

Auto Direction Control

NISE 2000 series fan-less PC is designed to provide RS485 with auto data direction control, without any programming effort, to control the transmission direction of the RS485 signal. Most industrial computers have a control line, often referred to as the RTS handshake line, which enables and disables the driver via host software control. Before transmission, users assert the RTS line to enable the driver, and de-assert the RTS line at the completion of the transmission. With NISE 2000 series fan-less PC, it is unnecessary to set RTS pin for data direction or do any additional programming on RS485 to conduct read/write data.

Auto Baud Rate up to 921.6Kbps

NISE 2000 series fan-less PC is designed to provide RS485 Serial communication at baud rates up to 921.6Kbps. RS485 is also ideal for connecting remote devices in building or industrial automation as the simple bus. It may be used to control video surveillance systems or to interconnect security control panels and other devices such as access control card readers. At high speed baud rates up to 921.6Kbps, NISE 2000 series
fan-less PC, can deliver high throughput and reduce response times.

Industrial Preferred Screw Terminal

NISE 2000 series fan-less PC provides 4x serial ports of which four of them are RS232. However, COM3 and COM4 on NISE 2000 series fan-less PC not only provide RS232 signal but also provide RS422/485 signal with industrial preferred screw terminal. It is therefore easy to switch from RS232 to RS422 or to RS485 via the BIOS setting. In addition, the industry standard screw terminal provides convenient cabling for users who require RS232/422/485 switching.

In short, serial communication is widely used in communication and the automation field, NISE 2000 series
fan-less PC offers superior performance in most applications.

Nexcom NISE2010 fan-less PC_1

Nexcom NISE2010 fan-less PC_2

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