Thursday, October 5, 2023

Signagelive 2.5 available now

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SignageLive pleased to announce the latest release of our award winning digital signage platform signagelive.

Version 2.5 contains a number of significant improvements that demonstrate the key benefits of SaaS applications. With the recent automatic upgrade of our signagelive servers over the weekend all existing signagelive users across the world are instantly able to benefit from the following features without incurring any additional costs:

* Media RSS support within signagelive enables custom created content and external Media RSS feeds to automatically update all players subscribed to the content with the click of a mouse.
* Self service network creation and management – allowing resellers the opportunity to create and manage individual signagelive networks and user access.
* Enhanced security and management of licences.
* Integrated help and ticketing system – including live chat support provided by the signagelive support team.
* Improved user interface experience and work flow – a complete upgrade to the signagelive user interface making the administration of signagelive networks and players easier than ever.

Media RSS

signagelive now supports Media RSS feeds enabling full integration of media content stored on third party platforms such as social media sites including Flickr, PhotoBucket, Facebook and signagelive media content syndication partners.

In addition, users can also create their own custom media content feeds using the New Media RSS Generator within signagelive enabling the flexibility to add media assets to their feed and where the asset is an image, the ability to edit the asset to overlay text and transparencies on both the text box and image.

License Manager

The licence manager enables distributors, resellers and partners to manage their customers signagelive licences from within the signagelive environment. Clear visibility of  all purchased licences and extensions, provides resellers full control of their customer networks and a great opportunity to monitor their customers network and to provide proposals for licence extensions and additional new signagelive licences.

Network Management

In addition to the licence manager, distributors, resellers and partners can create their own signagelive networks for their customers quickly and easily, enabling new signagelive networks to be created within minutes.

This feature also allows end users to create and manage their own networks and licences too, once they have received their signagelive licence key from their chosen reseller.

User Interface (UI)

The user interface has been fully upgraded to the latest internet standards resulting in an improved work flow and navigation throughout the entire signagelive application.

Contextual Help

Throughout the signagelive user interface users will be presented with contextual help, providing hints and tips on all aspects of signagelive and guidance of how to successful deploy your media content to your signagelive network attached players.


signagelive support has been enhanced to incorporate Live Help and the ability for users to log an online support case or feature request within signagelive. Each case generates a unique ticket number and as the case is progressed by the signagelive team you can log back into signagelive to track its progress.

Source: Signagelive

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