Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Labatt-Budweiser recreates Bud Camp with Zoom Media!

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Zoom Media_logoOver the course of 4 weeks, starting mid-June, Labatt-Budweiser is promoting its Bud Camp amongst men aged 18-34 with an impressive media integration campaign in Zoom Media’s Resto-bar network across Canada.

In order to increase awareness for Bud Camp and encourage a large number of men to enter the contest to win a unique weekend gateway, Labatt-Budweiser chose to dominate the restrooms and common areas of Zoom Resto-bar venues located in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal and Quebec City. The English portion of the campaign, which was planned by M2 Universal and created by Grip, includes ads in CLASSIC billboards and DIGITAL SCREENS as well as T-shirt decals on restroom mirrors and wall decals providing directions to Bud Camp.

Developed by Marketel and Brad, the French part of the campaign is comprised of two different concepts within two of Quebec’s top bars: St-Sulpice in Montreal and Dagobert in Quebec City. In Montreal, Labatt-Budweiser decided to dominate the entire venue with large-format decals installed on restroom doors, walls, mirrors within the bar area and on the bar counter as well as with the Bud Camp logo on the terrace. As for clients at the Dagobert, they are exposed to a wall decal and a unique creative of a human cannonball flying through three CLASSIC frames. Decals of Bud Camp T-shirts are also installed on the mirrors. Both the English and French parts of the campaign provide a foretaste of what happens at Bud Camp.

“There is no doubt we definitely come out of the frame with this concept, but for the right reason: to recreate the Bud Camp environment and not simply to win marketing contests” says Stéphane Hamel, Marketing Director, Labatt Quebec.

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