July 5, 2022


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AmpVu…Preventing nuisance tripping of site circuit breakers

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BoldVu_logoManufacturing Resources International, Inc. (MRI) is pleased to announce a new standard feature for all BoldVu™ Digital Displays that monitors and controls Current/Amp draw within a customer specified limit.

The patent pending AmpVu™ PMS (Power Management System) has been developed by MRI Engineering to constantly monitor the A/C line current during normal display operation and to then gracefully scale back power requirements during voltage fluctuations to prevent nuisance tripping of the site circuit breaker.

By monitoring primary A/C input current draw and then controlling the internal elements of the display system (backlight brightness, fan speeds, etc) the AmpVu™ PMS is able to anticipate when the system is approaching maximum current draw and to then adjust screen brightness and fan speeds to limit the maximum current draw to predefined limits.  The A/C input current limit can be preset at the factory by MRI or programmed by the customer on a site by site basis.

AmpVu™ ensures maximum display performance under any given site power line condition, including power-line brown-outs (down to 85Vac), and eliminates nuisance trips of site circuit breakers.  During power-line brown-out conditions display performance may gracefully degrade (i.e., decreased display luminance).  Once the power-line voltage recovers, full display performance will be automatically restored.  All of this happens automatically and gradually, with no nuisance tripping of site circuit breakers.

The AmpVu™ PMS (Power Management System) feature is now standard on all MRI Indoor and Outdoor Digital Displays.

For more information, please contact:
MRI, Inc
1600 Union Hill Road
Alpharetta, GA 30005
info [at] mri-inc.net

Source: Manufacturing Resources International

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